Kansas City Chiefs Schedule In 2010

Back again for the second year, looking at our schedule, seeing what we can win and how it will all turn out! Some of you may, or may not, know that I did this last year, for last seasons schedule. Kansas City in 2009

Let's get this show on the road!

Week 1: Home vs. San Diego

This will be our highlights game of the year. We're all ready and waiting, this game will be a blast. This year the Chargers lost a couple of people, including RB Landanian Tomlinson. While the team will still have Philip Rivers to lead the way at QB, I don't see how they overcome what will be, a hostile, rocking crowd at Arrowhead Stadium on a Monday Night. We haven't had a primetime game in quite some time and we haven't had the best teams lately. So we take advantage of this one. Kansas City upsets, what some people call the superbowl favorites, Chargers, in primetime.

KC 1-0

Week 2: KC @ Cleveland

We will seek out revenge in this game, after an embarrassing loss last year. We let Harrison, who was a relative nobody before now, run all over our defense. We had Q. Brady in check but could not stop the run. I think they have Jake Delhomme at QB, but no one really knows. But what I do know is Eric Berry has some fun in this game. KC improves their performance from last year and gets the revenge we need.

KC 2-0

Week 3: Home vs. SanFran

Arguably, San Francisco is the odds on better team here and right fully so. Singletary has really whipped that team into shaped and have become something. We will have to stop Gore at RB and not let him have a field day, as well as learning how to contain receivers unlike last year, especially with talent like Crabtree. This will not be Crabtree's coming out party like it could, not with EB. I think SanFran edges us out and wins late in the game by a field goal.

KC 2-1

Week 4: BYE

This bye, in my mind is perfectly planned, you got a taste of the real good (SD) the bad (CLEVELAND) and the alright (SF). Now after a bye, we get to play the real real real good....err that doesn't work,  their just Peyton Manning good. Next

KC 2-1

Week 5: KC @ Indianapolis

Well. Let's hope the pass defense and coverage shows up ready to play. I would like to say that if the pass defense is there we would get a relative shot. But this is Peyton Manning we're talking about. But hell I didn't give us a shot in hell against  Pittsburgh. So why not Indianapolis? Well we'll see, first pass defense needs to show up and prove their worth. If not, it's just an extra bye for Indy. Also can't forget the run, they have a nice 1 year pro  Donald Brown and veteran Joseph Addai that can still run on us. Let's move on

KC 2-2 ( I think if we can come out of week 5 2-2 or 3-1 we'll be in good shape)

Week 6: KC @ Houston

I think this will be one of our better chances to see how good we may be or can be. It will be a good gauge, in my opinion, on where we stand. That because, Houston is one of those a little above average teams that can, and will probably sit at around 9-7 or even 10-6, (but that depends on a tough division and their play). I believe we will give them a run for their money and give them a fight, but in the end I think they will take it away by 10 or 13 points.

KC 2-3

Week 7: Home vs. Jacksonville

This one is a redemption, must win, revenge game of sorts. We almost gave it to them in the end of last years game but came up 3 points and a dollar short. A valiant effort by Cassel and crew but not quite. This year things will change and we should be much better and be able to take these guys down. It was this team last year our savior JC started after you-know-who was let go. I think KC can take this one.


Week 8: Home vs. Buffalo

Much like the Jacksonville and Cleveland game this is another won we should of won, and that we should get revenge on and win. This one will also be a bit intriguing and interesting as we will face our former offensive coordinator and now Buffalo Head Coach, Chain Gailey. I will keep an eye on our defense to shut down our former offense and see how we fare. Not that we can't do it, but I don't see this game won in the air for us, nor them. Not with their talented corners and our even more talented and capable corners. Feeling a big game for Jamaal


Week 9: KC @ Oakland

It's week 9 and we head over to face our arch rival, the Oakland Raiders. While they are improved and should provide an unwelcome challenge, I don't seem them that improved. They got rid of Russel and picked up Campbell and drafted McClain. It will be a good game, but it's about time we start taking over this rivalry once again. It will be a good battle but we clean up mistakes from last year and win this one by 7-13 points.


Week 10: KC @ Denver

Oh how the sweet smell of success is great. At least it was last time we played, in Week 17, the final game of the regular season last year, when Jamaal pounced Denver, and lead us to win of a score of 44-24. That game was great no doubt. We would love nothing more than to do it again. But of course that will be hard but we will do our best. Denver is on the decline and with no known quarterback starting quite yet, either Tebow or Orton. I think we can knock these guys off and best place to do it is at Denver.


Week 11: Home vs. Arizona

This game would be a lot more dangerous if Warner was around playing. Although he still may be around if ya know what I mean. This one will rely a lot on if our defensive backs can cover and stop the receivers with the likes of Fitzgerald and Breaston. I think we can lock them down better than most, thanks to our Head Coach and former Arizona Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley. He will know their tendencies better than anyone. But with play of Fitzgerald and Breaston, I think we loose this one in overtime by a field goal.


Week 12: KC @ Seattle

This will be a battle of two prominent rebuilding teams. Seattle and Kansas City. Many agreed that Seattle had the best draft of the league and arguably so. They picked up some running backs and improved their defense. I think this will be a great game for the two to see how they can fare against somewhat equal teams that are both in the same pot. It will be a back and forth game when teams do score. I see KC squeaking by Seattle with win, barely.


Week 13: Home vs. Denver

Weird seeing these guys so close together on our schedule but without further a due we face the Denver Broncos yet again. I think not much of a difference, except this time we are at home facing the Donkey, errr Broncos, sorry. This would be a great time to have an explosive game going into the final weeks of the season and with flexible scheduling if things are going good, maybe we could sneak in another prime time if things are close between us and San Diego again or even Tennessee.


Week 14: KC @ San Diego

13 weeks later and we head to San Diego to take face them again. By now our defense has had time to gel and perform together and well. Berry will have had time to put his feet in the NFL. Now I could be bias and say well Eric Berry is only the bestest ever, no way Rivers will throw even one ball his way. But that's not how it works and well San Diego will still be formidable and I think they will take this one away at their home stadium. But not before a well fought battle by our Chiefs


Week 15: KC @ St. Louis

The Battle for the Governor's Cup. Instead of the regularly pre-season battle for it, we moved it to the regular season since we have a game against them this year. I think this well be a great game for Cassel and company to put points and yards on the stat sheet. St. Louis is still a team but I don't see it possible for us to loose, keep our wits and still play hard and they can win, they can't go in thinking they will win anyway. That's what will get us. But this should be a big fat W.


Week 16: Home vs. Tennessee

This will be a highlighted game of two very talented running backs, Tennesse's Chris Johnson and our very own Jamaal Charles. I think because of this, this would be a great time to give Thomas Jones a few more carries than normal to surprise the Tennessee defense. With a mix of a good game by Cassel we can win this. But this game will be subject of our run defense. We will need speedsters on the field when Chris Johnson gets the carries or we could be in for a hurt. I think we loose this one by 7.


Week 17: Home vs. Oakland

The finale and no where better to do it than at home and against Oakland. By this point our destiny should be known and hopefully vying for a wild-card birth, or in a strange turn of events and San Diego really failing a divisional crown. Shouldn't be too much out of the ordinary. Watch the run game keep the wide-out's covered and go mistake free on offense and we win this one as we continue the dominance over Oakland



A little bias and probably a bit off? Yes. I won't deny it. We probably won't be 10-6, so why do I predict it you ask? Well that's because it's just a rough guess, toss a few games because they could swing either way, like San Fran, possibly Oakland, week 1 San Diego, Houston maybe and possibly Buffalo. Who knows. It's was just a quick, glance, short examination of our regular season schedule. Let's hope some good comes of this season, let's hope we can pull off some of these wins. It's time for The Kansas City Chiefs to be back on top where we belong. It's time to honor the late Lamar Hunt and win that AFC Championship and go on to a Superbowl soon. The time is right.


Feel free to share your thoughts of this season and what you think of mine. Haven't been around in a while to comment and write stories. So here's a Heya to everyone that missed me, atleast I hope someone has! Thanks Joel and Chris and all the contributors to making a great Chiefs blog and making it the best, #1 around on SBNation.

Sorry for any mistakes and/or typos!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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