Drama, You want Drama

The world is a small place. Just ask any of the veterans here. It was once a large and fearsome place, World Wars tend to do that in an era before Cell phones, Internet, and the ever present Camera. I know we have Chiefs fans all over this planet cause I talk to them as do you. My love of the USA is matched by Sir Eccles and others love of England, Trents love of Australia , the only Continent and Nation on this little blue ball.

England vs Slovenia  Background and matchup info 

Short primer England wins and they are in.

USA vs Algeria   Background and matchup info

Short primer USA wins and they are in.

A Possibility  Group C an experts take

Yet it all will play out before Noon central on Wednesday if you care to watch on ESPN or ABC or where ever it broadcasts to you locally. Me, I am responsible for the Direct TV feed into my Company:) I will be sure to maintain that link all morning somehow! I found some interesting stuff if you care to read further?

So what to expect? Drama on a World Stage.

I found an interesting yet probably indirect shot, A header on Goal maybe.
The American coach Bob Bradley shares an interesting surname when it comes to Algeria and the United States.

Omar Bradley

Bradley, the son of a schoolteacher, was born into a poor family in rural Randolph County, near Clark, Missouri. He attended country schools where his father was the teacher. However, his father died when Bradley was nine. His mother moved to Moberly and remarried. Bradley graduated from Moberly High School in 1911, an outstanding student and captain of both the baseball and football teams.

Bradley did not receive a front-line command until early 1943, after Operation Torch. He had been given VIII Corps, but instead was sent to North Africa to be Eisenhower's front-line troubleshooter. At Bradley's suggestion, II Corps, which had just suffered the devastating loss at the Kasserine Pass, was overhauled from top to bottom, and Eisenhower installed George S. Patton as corps commander. Patton requested Bradley as his deputy, but Bradley retained the right to represent Eisenhower as well.[2]

Bradley succeeded Patton as head of II Corps in April and directed it in the final Tunisian battles of April and May. Promoted to the rank of lieutenant general, Bradley commanded the Second Corps in the invasion of Sicily. He drove the Germans and Italians out of Sicily.


Battle of Kasserine Pass


American and British forces landed at several points along the coast of French Morocco and Algeria on November 8, 1942, during Operation Torch. This came only days after General Bernard Montgomery's breakout in the east following the Second Battle of El Alamein. Understanding the danger of a two-front war, German and Italian troops were ferried in from Sicily to occupy Tunisia,

Strange parrallels going on here history Buffs. Tha American/English invade Algeria to fight Germans and Italians who might be upcoming World Cup opponents. I prefer Soccer over combat:) I hope you at least check in on the Match.

Geaux USA

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