Entertaining Scenarios (You're the GM)

Your'e the GM, now go out and make something happen with these six possible scenarios.

Scenario #1

Imagine how excited we are about our running game this season.  The first scenario is this:  If you had the chance, would you trade Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles straight up for Adrian Peterson and LaDanian Tomlinson?  Your choice shouldn't be biased, but based solely on who you think is going to be better NOW, this year, in 2010.  I'm thinking this one may be just a tad bit biased.


Scenario #2

One of the areas of concern this year lays solely on the arm(s) of our QB(s).  Here is the scenario.  With the option at hand to trade Matt Cassel and Brodie Croyle to the Eagles a few months back straight up for Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb would you have done it?  This one is tough, and once again your decision should be based on what would be best for our team.  In my opinion, this may be the most difficult scenario listed for you as the GM.


Scenario #3

To the wide receivers we go...  A simple swap here could happen if you think it'd be a better core for our QB(s).  Dallas has decided to send Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, and Roy Williams to the Chiefs for Dwayne Bowe, Dexter McCluster, and Chris Chambers.  Would you take this trade?  Possibly the easier of the scenarios, but I'm not so convinced myself.


Scenario #4

As we know. our defensive backfield will improve immensely this year.  What would you give up?  How much is it worth to you, the GM?  The scenario is this.  Berry, Flowers and Carr are desperately wanted in a multi-team trade that would send Patrick Willis and Lofa Tatupu immediately to our 2010 squad.  We would lose a lot but also gain a lot.  As the GM this is a touch decision to make.  What would you do?


Scenario #5

Bill Belichick has recently exclaimed his want to be back with Scott Pioli.  Also Weiss and Crennel want back together in New England, and both have convinced Haley to come with them.  As a GM, this may be one of the strangest trades of all time.  Would you give up Weiss, Haley, Crennel for Belichick?  Another difficult decision for you, Scott Pioli.


Scenario #6

The Super Bowl genie has granted you the GM this seemingly insane scenario to choose from.  Your 2010 Chiefs can be guaranteed 10 wins this 2010 season, with a guaranteed first round loss.  Or, you can be granted a Super Bowl be played here in Kansas City in 2015.  Which would you take?



This simple exercise is designed to excite Chiefs fans.  It's designed to let you know as a fan that we are no slackers here in Kansas City in 2010, to inform all that we HAVE talent all over.  It was also made to have something fun to blog about, cuz that's what we do.

Yes or no answers on one or all of the scenarios with an explanation would be appreciated.  I've also added a poll below.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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