Chiefs Final Day Of Mandatory Minicamp

Once again the Chiefs had full participation in the final day of mandatory minicamp. 86 players were present with only Jarrad Page -- who is not under contract -- missing.

Today I paid particular attention to Dexter McCluster. I know drills don't necessarily translate to the actual game but McCluster is doing really well. Everyone is practicing hard but McCluster goes 100% every single drill, whether it's just repetitive drill to help him make cuts or catch the ball while near the sidelines. Speaking of cuts -- he dominates any drill that requires you to break quickly or turn sharply. It's amazing, really. In addition to all of that, he has very good hands. He certainly doesn't look like a rookie out there.

Here are a few other random thoughts and observations from minicamp today.

Charlie Weis was with the quarterbacks during position group drills. He pays a lot of attention to that group.

Niswanger was back working with the first team today.

McCluster worked with the receivers.

I'm liking Javarris Williams the more I see of him.

Kestahn Moore follows Thomas Jones around everywhere, which is a good thing. Haley says no one works harder than TJ.

Chambers had a good catch on the sidelines. The ball hit him in the hands as he was cutting towards the sidelines. Either he bobbled it or the defender hit it but the ball popped up in the air and he went back up and pulled it down before tumbling out of bounds. It would have been the catch of the day if it weren't for....

Tony Moeaki: In red zone work, Cassel found Moeaki in the back right corner of the end zone. It was a perfect ball actually. With defenders around Moeaki, Cassel placed it high and Moeaki stretched fully to pull it down and drag his feet as he fell out of bounds. Cassel jumped up and screamed after the play. A veteran-like catch, I'd say.

Eric Berry and Jon McGraw started off the first set of team stuff on the first team. Same goes for Demorrio Williams and Corey Mays.

The linebackers were the hardest working group last year, per Haley.

Travis Daniels picked off Tyler Palko for what likely would have been a pick-six (I don't see Palko out-running Daniels).

This was the final practice and Haley cut it short. After Daniels' interception, the team huddled up and that was all she wrote for mandatory minicamp.

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