Breaking Down Our Schedule: AFC South Edition




A couple of weeks ago I made my early predictions and I'm very hopeful just based on the schedule. So I decided to break down who we face and give everyone an in-depth look. Now, I'll take a look at the AFC South. Each ranking is based on "per game" of last year.


Houston Texans -October 17th, 2010

Last year offense: 1st in passing yards/30th in rushing yards/10th in points 

Last year defense: 18th in passing yards allowed/12th in rushing yards allowed/17th in points given up


-Noteable Offseason Additions-

John David Booty

Wade Smith

Darnell Bing

Neil Rackers

-Noteable Offseason Releases-

Dunta Robinson

Rex Grossman

-First Three Draft Picks-

Kareem Jackson -CB

Ben Tate -RB

Earl Mitchell -DT


-My Thoughts-

The texans are one of the toughest teams we will face this year. They have a solid offense that is getting better each year. Their defense is strong in the secondary and even stronger in the front seven. We will have a tough time and will probably end up with a loss. This would probably be close but it is our second road game in a row after we play the Colts.




Jacksonville Jaguars -October 24th, 2010

Last year offense: 19th in pass yards/10th in rushing yards/24th in points

Last year defense: 27th in passing yards allowed/19th in rushing yards allowed/24th in points given up


-Noteable Offseason Additions-

Walter Curry

Kassim Osgood

Aaron Kampman

Kirk Morrison -Trade

-Noteable Offseason Releases-

Torry Holt

Reggie Hayward

John Henderson

-First Three Draft Picks-

Tyson Alualu -DE

D'Anthony Smith-DT

Larry Hart -DE

-My Thoughts-

It seems like the Jags went pretty much all defense in their draft. Sadly, they didn't address their secondary which was horrible last year. I think them coming to Arrowhead this time around will be huge for us. I think RC will study that tape and find the weakness in their rushing attack and how they beat our defense last year. We win this one.




Tennessee Titans -December 26th, 2010

Last year offense: 23rd in passing yards/2nd in rushing yards/16th in points

Last year defense: 31st in pass yards allowed/11th in rush yards allowed/28th in points given up

-Noteable Offseason Additions-

Will Witherspoon

Jason Babin

Chris Simms

-Noteable Offseason Releases-

Lendale White -Trade

Craig Hentrich -Retired

John David Booty

-First Three Draft Picks-

Derrick Morgan -DE

Damian Williams -WR

Rennie Curran -LB


-My Thoughts-

This team has a dangerous weapon on offense. Their defense is poor especially the secondary which they didn't address until late in the draft. I think they should have addressed it more since they face the Colts twice a year. I think their secondary will be their weakness again this year. We will win only if we contain CJ which most teams can't do.




Indianapolis Colts -October 10th, 2010

Last year offense: 2nd in passing yards/32nd in rushing yards/7th in points

Last year defense: 14th in pass yards allowed/24th in rushing yards/8th in points given up


-Noteable Offseason Additions-

Andy Alleman

Adam Terry


-Noteable Offseason Releases-

Jim Sorgi

Ryan Lilja -Thanks!

Raheem Brock

Chad Simpson


-First Three Draft Picks-

Jerry Hughes -DE

 Pat Angerer -LB

Kevin Thomas -CB


-My Thoughts-

We will do better than people expect due to us coming off a bye week. We won't win but if we can face our focus on the pass then we should be alright. Since, that is pretty much what we did this draft and offseason I'm not worried about it too much. The Colts are just too strong and we will have to play catch up. Although, they do give up a lot of rush yards we simply won't have the time to rush when behind.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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