Our Kansas City Chiefs

This is my very first post, even though I have been e-stalking this website for about a year and a half. Since moving to Wyoming a year ago I don't get the best chances to watch my team at work, unless they are kicking some donkey ass. The past few years there have been disappointing moments in our franchise, but hath no fear, the don is here. I may or may not have messed that reference up, if in fact that is a reference to anything.

Like most Chiefs fans, I was placed in a great mood upon hearing about taking Eric Berry at #5, been wanting this since I first heard of him.  He will help stop the pass game, teaming with Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr. I have never had a real problem with Jarrad Page either. Just one memory of him doing something significant in a game, intercepting Aaron Brook's (No, not a typo) pass in the end zone to solidify a win for us.

As for the linebacker position, or the Derrick Johnson situation, I loved what he did for us in the Denver game last season. If he really wants to start he should earn it, not go in to training camp expecting to be a starter, even though I am a fan of him.

Now the D-line is, a big cluster as of right now. Who will be our big NT? Will Tyson Jackson produce? I for one was not impressed with his play last season, not dogging him, just think we could have had more from him. Glenn Dorsey is coming into his own as a pro. Where ever he plays, I know he will be good. I also would like to say that Tamba Hali is a beast at LB and seems like a natural talent.

Going to the offensive side of the ball, I was excited to hear about Dexter Mccluster, three days after we drafted him. I, like most of you didn't know of him. After everything I have heard on how he can be a utility player, I love his size and speed. I also am hoping that the O-line will hold up for Matt Cassel. This is the make or break year for Matt Cassel I think, were not Oakland. Now our recievers seem to have the talent that we need. Just if they can catch the damn ball! I was slightly hoping for a Golden Tate coming out of the 2nd round, we got someone, who is hopefully better.

Our Tight End position has been in shambles since the departure of the big man, and the best Tight End in the game, Tony Gonzalez. But, Maybe this rookie can come in and help out, I sure hope so. I will go on and say that the only thing that needs work in the special teams is our return game. But Javier Arenas? Hopefully he can help there along with McCluster.

I am assuming that Todd Haley won't fire Charlie Weis a week before the season, so we can learn what he has planned for an offense that didn't make splashes until 2.7 was released and our pass game didn't make it out. I like the coaches that we have assembled, hell we added a secondary coach in Emmit Thomas, who not only is a Hall of Famer, but has some head coaching(interm) experience.

Give me feed back for this article where or what you think the team will do.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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