Roger Goodell's NFL goes Worldwide

Sometime in the near future.

The NFL European Division is now set. The four teams in this division will have a tough road to be the 1st to claim a division crown.

The Moscow franchise have traveled a difficult journey. Back in Washington Dan Snyder fought the Native American lobby long and hard to keep the long held logo of the franchise. A Supreme court decision changed the franchise name to the Washington Congressmen but, late last year the  Congressmen were voted out of the Nations Capitol in disgust. Snyder searched long and hard for a new city and decided to relocate to the worlds most capatilistic nation. The Moscow Reds logo was even reworked, though it works about as well for Moscow as it did for DC.

The Amersterdam franchise is riding High. A recent Super Bowl winner, the team was forced to relocate due to the difficulty of obtaining prescription drugs. Originally the team was in negotiations with Heaven, but the deal fell through. The Amersterdam Saints coming to a new dirt levee near you.

The Geneva franchise and their new owner have a difficult path in this loaded division. Sam Bradford should do well though in the newest domed stadium in the NFL. Nestled high in the Swiss Alps, the team should benefit from teams visiting the 2 Mile High Stadium. The Geneva Rams await.

The Danish franchise and their surgically repaired QB Brett Favre (now entering NFL season 25) stormed into Copenhagen behind the former Mullet head and his Williams brethren. The team could not fight the StarCaps
battle any further and was looking for a new site to park the party boat. The Danish Vikings round out the division.

Predicted order of Finnish:

Danish Vikings 15-3
Moscow Reds 12-6
Amsterdam Saints 12-6
Geneva Rams 1-17

Next week will look at the new NFL Asian Division.

In other NFL News:

The team formerly known as the Oakland Raiders, Raiderc_mediumhaving lost their stadium earlier this year into a previously unknown Black Hole, Will now officially be the Raiders MC. Due to no other cities in the world, well Mogadishu tried, the team will now travel to all 18 scheduled games as the visitors aboard Harley Davidson motorcycles. Al Davis, RIP, would have been so proud. In a related note, the Vikings have negotiated leases for 40 Longboats to the Raiders for the overseas roadtrips.

May all of you Chiefs fans have an enjoyable holiday weekend :)

Geaux Chiefs

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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