Help for an Outsider

And no. You can't call me Pony Boy.

Seriously though, I've always considered myself a Chiefs fan first and foremost. That is, I don't really care for football unless Kansas City or Oklahoma are playing. All the time I hear from friends, "I really like football. I even watch if [insert team name here] isn't playing." That just simply doesn't resonate with me. I find football, in general, to be a kind of jerking, oft-interrupted pageant of id-driven egomaniacs. And that's just the announcers.

I feel a connection to the Chiefs, however; the connection is, in fact, stronger than my connection to the Sooners, which is weird because the Sooners have such a storied history and have won two national championships in my lifetime; Kansas City hasn't even made it to a championship in my lifetime. But I've been to more Chiefs games than Sooners games, I enjoy Arrowhead much more than Memorial Stadium, and the only real jerseys I've ever owned were red rather than crimson.

And when it comes to the football team, I know way more than I probably should. Seriously, if I paid as much attention to every NFL team as I do the Chiefs, my wife would have left me years ago; and she's way hot. I might not be the sharpest brick in the garage but I certainly ain't dumb enough to ruin whatever spell she's currently under.

The point is, as much as I know about what happens with the "football side" of the Chiefs operation, I know very little of what happens on the community side because I'm not intimately involved with Kansas City culture.

I don't know what people say around the water cooler. And I need someone to tell me if I'm the only person in the world with this opinion.

You see, I'm a little pissed off right now and I want to know if it's warranted. Seems like very recently, the Hunt family spent a ridiculous amount of time, effort, and money trying to convince the league to bring a Super Bowl to Kansas City. The NFL declined. And it was my understanding that the most fundamental reason for the declination was the weather, or more specifically, the lack of a dome which would, if not negate, then certainly mitigate the effects of cold weather on the fans.

Then the [censored] NFL goes and gives Snooki and The Situation the 2014 Super Bowl.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Lamar Hunt name the [censored] Super Bowl? Isn't the [censored] AFC trophy called the Lamar Hunt Trophy? Wouldn't the [censored] NFL in its current form not exist if it hadn't been for Lamar Hunt? And, if you're going to [censored] change the [censored] rules, shouldn't you at least [censored] consider honoring the man that helped make your [censored] job possible by giving the [censored] city that [censored] loved him the first [censored] crack at the first [censored] cold [censored] weather [censored] game?


Am I crazy (shaddup)?


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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