"Clash Of The Titans"...The Backfield Edition

Clash of the Titans. That was a good movie. This version is different, but like the movie it too has monsters. In particular, a 3 headed one. If you like action, this backfield is for you.

                          Speed and Elusiveness, Speed and Power. Speed, Elusiveness and more Speed.

  If these three sayings should describe something....what would they be? To me as a Chiefs fan, I'm thinking Jamaal Charles, Thomas Jones and this freak of a player named Dexter McCluster. Now last year we had this problem to were the "O"-line couldn't or wouldn't open holes too well. Maybe it was the lack of knowing the system. Maybe it was the players themselves in the system, or maybe it was the man in the backfield that only could muster a 2.7 yd per avg carry. As I sat and watched games, I and others would notice something. "Hey, didn't it just look like that guy just fell from an arm tackle?" "What the feazy?" A bruising back 230 lbs, 6'1" can get brought down that easy?


 Then came the infamous "slur". Bye-bye ScaryLarry 2.7 Johnson. Just like how we were surprised at the emergence of #27 when Priest got hurt, We got another surprise...Big time. The only difference was that #27 ran behind at the time arguably the best "O"-line in the NFL that year.  Well, last year was far from that., but this kid named Jamaal Charles burned through holes #27 swore wasn't there. The speed this guy has is amazing to watch in person. Jamaal Charles also became the only player in NFL history to rush for 1,100 or more yards in 200 or fewer carries. This is the first year he'll be a full time starter....Look out.


 Next with the addition of Thomas Jones, a 1100+ yd back himself, now we get the speed and power. This back can power his way through partically blocked lanes and get that extra couple of yards in the middle of the field. This back has seen action in the Superbowl. In Super Bowl XLI, Jones finished with 112 yards rushing and 18 yards receiving, including a 52-yard run that marked Chicago's longest run of the season. Though averaging 7.5 yards per carry in the game, the Bears' only called 15 running plays in the 29-17 loss to Indianapolis.

Jones had his best season in 2008. Named the AFC's starting running back in the Pro Bowl, Jones scored 15 total touchdowns, including two via receptions, and rushed for 1,312 yards to lead the AFC.

 On October 18, 2009, in a game against the Buffalo Bills, Jones rushed for a Jets franchise record 210 yards and a touchdown, breaking the old mark set by Curtis Martin. However the Jets lost 16-13 in overtime. On December 3, 2009, Jones reached 1,068 rushing yards for the 2009 season against the Buffalo Bills. This would mark the fifth consecutive season in which Jones has rushed for 1,000+ yards.

 On January 17, 2010, Jones converted a final minute 4th and 1 to lead the Jets to victory over the San Diego Chargers in a 2009 playoff game. The win ensured that the Jets would play the Indianapolis Colts in the 2009 AFC championship game. This guy has leadership qualities. He's a proven back.


 Next is a kid that if you ever watched him play, you'd be amazed by his shiftiness, elusiveness, and the ability to turn on the jets and flat out smoke you. If your a defender and you have to account for this guy, it's gonna have you nervous, very nervous. He's quick to the point you think you'll have the angle on him till you blink and he's on another path. You can line him up in the slot to where in open space he's going to reek havoc. You can line him up in the back field as a change in gears and he'll reek havoc in the flats. If he has a good "O"- line to work with, he can be through a closing hole in a heart beats time. If you give him the blocks, he can do the rest.

 McCluster was one of the most versatile playmakers in the country that can play a Wes Welker role as a receiver and a Darren Sproles role as a running back. He's had plenty of experience in the wildcat formation and his return abilities will be used right away for the Chiefs. On top of all the physical ability, McCluster was one of the smartest players that Ole Miss coaching staff has ever dealt with. He is another coach on the field that can make sound, quick decisions. This is what you call explosive.

Next up....As if you didn't know..... "Boooooom Shak-a-laka"

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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