Ideas on how to make the NFL an even better product

There has been much talk about the how to make the NFL an even better product that what it already is. Those common ideas include a reasonable rookie salary scale, pre-determined so that rookies will not be overpaid and/or motivated to miss training camps. Another popular suggestion is to turn some of the pre-season games into regular season games.  Here are some other ideas that can make this league even better for the fans:

1)  Extend the game-day roster to 55 players..allowing fresher players and more diverse play-makers to rotate in and out.

2)  Extend the regular season to 20 games...start in August and finish in March...have 2 bye weeks per season instead of one.

3) Expand on the idea of converting great athletes from other sports into football players, spend more time hiring 6'  10" to 7'-2' basketball players to be short yardage receivers (take 3 steps, use the body to create space, catch the ball for a 3 yard gain).

4)  Have Spring/Summer tournaments integrated between the work-outs and camps. Around this time of the year the fan base is itching for some football from their own teams (not the Europe league or another competition league). The tournaments can be in groups of four teams that usually do not play each other.

5) Have profits from the Spring/Summer tournaments go towards the past "NFL greats", retired/ disabled players.

6) Have each team play 2 games in a current non-NFL market (other states...Alaska, Hawaii, Nebraska, Iowa, etc , continue with other countries)...this will continue to extend the fan base.

7) Decrease the time in between plays from 45 seconds to 20 seconds, but keep the game time the same...resulting in actually more football plays. they practice all year long, so it should not take that long to decide and implement a play.

8) In any contract that has the city helping pay for the stadium, have a clause that at each game 200 high-achieving but  underprivileged children/youth get to attend for free.

9) Have at least one game of selected NFL players to play an Australian-Rules Football  game against a professional Australian team, in Australia,  to solve the issue once and for all, of who are the tougher athletes and real men. All profits go towards eliminating the deficits of both countries.

10) Develop rules/schemes that would encourage more risk taking in the return game, instead of one guy trying to out-run all the other guys (admittedly getting some blocks along the way) and being tackled by 5 guys to gain 2-3 yeards...lateral/pass the ball once in a while...take a chance!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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