What Keeps You Coming Back To The Chiefs?

Imperial_neon_kansascitychiefs_mediumFrom the FanPosts  -Joel

Last night after I came home from work, and watched the DVR'd Royals vs. Indians game and the firing of Trey Hillman my wife and I went outside to watch the approaching thunderstorms roll into Southern Oklahoma. While outside we were talking about the firing of Hillman and she asked me simply:

"What keeps you going back to them?"

Them referring to both the Chiefs and Royals.

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See, my wife is from New York City and up until we met, she had honestly never heard of the Chiefs or Royals. She thought the Chiefs and Redskins were the same team. So far I have converted her to the Royals pretty well, seeing as how before she met me she was a Mets fan so I feel she could relate a little more to our plight.

She followed the Chiefs for me and let me know how well we didn't do everytime I was overseas, and every holiday that occurs she supplies me with a steady stream of Chiefs gear but she just can't root for them, she's a Colts fan.

When she asked me why I keep going back to them, I honestly didn't have an answer for the Royals. I mumbled some stuff about how I have never seen them in the playoffs, I've never seen them have a winning season (2003 was spent in boot camp and training) but I'm just to attached to them to stop caring. They are fun to watch at times and easy to root for being the constant underdog.

Moving onto the Chiefs, everything that came out of my mouth about them was a basic reflection of my upbringing.

My childhood was Chiefs, every Christmas was Chiefs presents, every Sunday growing up it was the Chiefs game. It didn't matter how bad they hurt me, the next season I was always back for more. Every player to ever put on that jersey and helmet I have felt an attachment to. It's Arrowhead stadium and the fans that keep me coming back year after year.

I explained to her that I know the Chiefs haven't been good lately and ever since we have been married she hears swear words coming from the living room on Sunday's more than cheers. (She is relegated to the bedroom so she can watch the Colts). I told her that I have hope for the Chiefs.

We have all seen the Chiefs play well, we have seen a high flying offense take the field and set NFL records. We can always look back and remember Derrick Thomas setting the single game sack record. We remember the Monday Night Football games against the Broncos, and when the Raiders were a good team and a hard fought victory. Yes we have had our ups and downs. They may rank Kansas City as the 8th worst city for professional sports franchises but its the number one best city for professional sports fans. I have hope for the Chiefs and even a little for the Royals.

I'm loyal to the Chiefs and always will be. No matter what, no matter how bad it is they are MY team. I mentioned it yesterday that I have never seen so many Saints fans in all my life as I have this Winter and Spring. Eventually when we get to the big dance and win it, I'm sure it will be same thing with the Chiefs, and we will all have the satisfaction of knowing we stuck through it.

That also keeps me coming back, what keeps you coming back? 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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