Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 5/14

Hello AP, and welcome to Friday. Another light day today, but that should change on Monday when OTAs kick in. Enjoy.

Right now, the Chiefs have 85 players in their program; remember that the roster limit is 80 players, but those without a signed contract for the ‘10 season do not count towards that total. For the Chiefs that’s their seven draft choices and apparently FS Jarrad Page, who has not yet signed his tender offer as a restricted free agent. Whether Page will take part in the OTAs come Monday is something everyone will find out.

We know that veterans LG Brian Waters and OLB Mike Vrabel will not be there, dropping the number to 83. A handful of players recovering from injuries suffered last season will likely be on hand, but forced to watch – guys like TE Brad Cottam and CBs Brandon Flowers and Maurice Leggett. Figure the number on the field will be 79 or 80; anything less would be a surprise given that Haley has said there’s been near perfect attendance at the strength and conditioning sessions since they started at the end of March.

OTAs Are Coming … Weekend Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

GlennDorsey72  Just took a fya nap yo.. What's everbody up to this evening?
GlennDorsey72 I wish i would have heard that B.O.B song Nothin on you like a long time ago!!!def the truth yo....
almighty31 t bone steaks for the main coarse n im cookin it. yes thats the best
GlennDorsey72 Dang alot of my homies gettin married...
almighty31  i locked myself out for like 20 minutes tryna keep my dog in the house and take the trash out.... SMH..... im goin out the garage for now on
superdj56 just watching the game now, i really dont think the cavs can win tonight but you never when King James is playing.....
BFlowers24 just got caught having a lil bit to much fun on this cart at walmart by these middle schoolers smdh
JarradPage44 Dammitt Cavs cmon!!!!!!!!!!
GlennDorsey72 This game is funny lol
BCarr39 These #Cavs aren't goin down without a fight!
BCarr39 RT @JarradPage44: Dammitt Cavs cmon!!!!!!!!!!""Takin them j.charles shots! Lol
superdj56 Yeap i was right, Boston just a little bit too much for them boys.
JarradPage44 @BCarr39 lol hell yea.
GlennDorsey72 Anyone goin to Vegas for Memorial Day Weekend?
Media and Fans
NFLprguy which states produced the most 2010 NFL draftees? USA Football breaks it down

AroundTheHorn Did Doc Rivers just say "we either live together or die alone" in the huddle?

JPosnanski Tonight, the firing of Trey Hillman. Tomorrow, the heartbreak of the Cleveland team that quit.

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