Is The Chiefs Offense Just Another Fish Story?


If you have read a lot of blogs since the NFL Draft you probably are aware of all the enthusiasm about the Kansas City offense next year.

Chiefs fans are excited about all the new weapons Mr. Pioli and company have picked up in the off season.  Bloggers have been posting about how well the running back position has been upgraded, how explosive the offense has become due to the McCluster acquisition, and how the new TE will be a big weapon.

It all makes a Chiefs fan wonder if this is just another fish story (Photo via

Really, does anyone remember last years offense?  It was brutal.  It felt like the Chiefs were always scrambling on third down just to get back to the original line-of-scrimmage.   Wouldn't it take a significant upgrade just to get back to average?

We all seem to recognize that the Chiefs made improvements in the last four games of 2009.  However, the success in those last four games seem to be a fish story that keeps getting bigger and bigger the farther we get from it.

Opponents yards allowed in last four games

Bengals Broncos
281 ypg 356 ypg
325 ypg
393 ypg

The above chart shows the yards per game that the Chiefs opponents gave up the last four contests of the season.  Even the Bengals, who had a decent defense the first three quarters of the year, was a defensive flop the last quarter of the season.                                                                      

The fact is that the Chiefs played against some poor defenses in their last four games.

The more a Chiefs fan thinks about the final quarter of 2009 the smaller the fish looks.  Yes, we had a couple of good fish on our stringer but that can hardly be called a good day on the lake.

Now we have blogs, polls, and posts telling us how big the fish is going to be in 2010.  By the sound of it a fan should expect the fish to be the size of Moby Dick.  Sorry, but I don't think I'm buying it.        Pic Source


Lets take a look at some of those fish we have on the stringer for next year...

RUNNING BACKS:  One of those fish already on the KC stringer is the barracuda fish (aka Jamaal Charles).  Not much meat on those bones but a real feisty fish with lighting speed that every angler keeps an eye on.  The problem is that sometimes you need someone that can just move the pile...and Charles can't do that.  That was a problem in 2009.  The Chiefs didn't have that fish that could get the tough yard.


Chiefs fans can be encouraged that Pioli had a taste for some Mahi Mahi (aka Thomas Jones). This stubbed nosed fish likes to get dirty and is often found mixing it up on the ocean floor.

This is exactly the kind of fish the Chiefs missed last year.  And maybe why Chiefs fans are so encouraged about 2010.  But having a little Mahi Mahi in the diet doesn't necessarily  get you to the big pond.

          Pic Source


WIDE RECEIVERS:  Many Chiefs are excited about retaining the Pompano fish (aka Chris Chambers).  Keeping the Pompano fish was what the Chiefs needed to do but his inconsistency the past few years draws questions.                     Pic Source

If the past is any indication of the future then Chiefs fans can expect the fish story to be bigger than the fish in every other year when it comes to Chris Chambers.  Only time will tell.

Chris Chambers YPG

2008 2009
42 ypg 60 ypg
33 ypg
67 ypg


Pic Source

Another fish that is generating a lot of enthusiasm is the Roosterfish (aka Dwayne Bowe).  The Roosterfish is another inconsistent contributor to the Chiefs offense.  In the past the Roosterfish would make a good play and then crow about it.  Invariably though, you could expect him to be a drive killer in 2 or 3 other situations by dropping balls he should have caught. 

The bottom line is that the Roosterfish kills drives to often and consequently kills the Chiefs chances of winning.

There are those that are touting these two receivers as being defense killers.  From my fishing boat these two fish look more like they have the potential to be smaller than the fish story that is being told.  Guess we will see.


Another fish, the Yahoo (aka Dexter McCluster), is the new acquisition that many are clamoring about.  There is a lot of excitement about all the different packages the Chiefs can use a Yahoo fish.  But is McCluster the main reason for the BIG FISH STORY.  A 5'8" 176 pound guy?                                                                                                Pic Source

He is a good fish to have on the stringer but do the fans really think that he can take the Chiefs offense from bad to great?  A rookie?                                                          


The final fish that everyone seems to think is going to take the 2009 offense from bad to great is the Brokiefish (aka Tony Moeak Moeaki).  The Brokiefish is just that, broken.  This broken fish would appear to spend more time with the marine medics than out in the open water.

Tony Moeak Moeaki could be one of those classic boom or bust players, high risk or high reward.  But like all the other fish on the KC stringer, he appears to be much smaller than the fish story being told.


If you are like me then you are encouraged with what Scott Pioli has done in the off-season.  However, if you are like me than you know the Chiefs will not go the Super Bowl.  You might expect them to be better than the last three years but no better than average.

During the summer of 2010 this fish story will be told over and over until we can't wait until the season starts.  I just hope that the fish story doesn't grow to big that it ends up being a classic Greek tragedy.  




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