Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 4/5

Good Morning, AP. We've gathered today's Kansas City Chiefs news from around the internet. Another light day with some talk about how the McNabb trade could impact the Chiefs' draft. Also, good luck to the Royals today!

The stunning news that the Philadelphia Eagles traded quarterback Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins will cause a major reshuffling in the NFL draft.

The first person impacted is Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen, who appeared to be destined to go to Washington as the fourth pick in the first round. With Sam Bradford expected to go No. 1 to the St. Louis Rams, Clausen could now fall to the Kansas City Chiefs at No. 5 and be reunited with former Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis, who is now the Chiefs' offensive coordinator. With the fourth pick in the draft, the Redskins can select offensive tackle Russell Okung of Oklahoma State.

Clausen also could fall to the Seattle Seahawks at No. 6 in the first round, but they might have to pass on him and take Oklahoma tackle Trent Williams because of their desperate need to improve the offensive line. If the Redskins take Okung and the Chiefs take Williams, the Seahawks could be left with the third and fourth options at tackle: Anthony Davis of Rutgers and Bryan Bulaga of Iowa.

McNabb deal has deep draft impact from ESPN

The trade leaves the question: where will Shanahan go with the fourth choice of the Draft? He was also eyeballing Jimmy Clausen, but that won’t go down now. Shanny is going to get something that will help McNabb. He’s going to be looking for a pass protector like Oklahoma State’s Russell Okung, or an offensive weapon that he can deploy in the offense with McNabb.

Whatever Washington does, that could seriously affect that talent pool available to the Chiefs. If they stay at the No. 5 spot in the first round, Scott Pioli and Todd Haley would likely consider Okung among others as their choice. It also means that if some team is enamored with Clausen, the Chiefs may be able to deal that fifth pick and pick up more selections.

A Gutsy Move With McNabb … Monday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

THE RIGHT 53? – Know this right off the bat: Lee graduated from Upper St. Clair High School in the south suburbs of Pittsburgh. That’s the alma mater of head coach Todd Haley. This guy has an elite football IQ; when he missed the ‘08 season, he was at every game on the sidelines wearing a head set and contributing to the defensive calls. Lee was the unquestioned leader of the Nittany Lions in ‘09 and has an infectious personality and unquestioned character. He’s smart, he’s a leader and he’s been a winner – those are all the ingredients of the right 53 template.

What he said – "I just want to be remembered as a guy who from the day he got here, has worked extremely hard to try to help this program improve, to win football games and not only improve on the field, but improve off the field. You know, try to be a leader off the field who has kind of passed his leadership down to younger guys to try and improve this program."

Draft Preview: Sean Lee from Bob Gretz

THE RIGHT 53?- Fought back from being forced out of Iowa after his freshman season by poor academics. Spievey went to Iowa Central C.C. where he was JUCO All-America in ‘07 with seven interceptions and four return touchdowns. He also blocked four punts. He was reinstated at Iowa the next season. He’s showed maturity with how he handled the situation and work ethic to overcome the problem.

What he said – "You can’t just be a cover guy at Iowa. We have to set the edge. I will never shy away from contact. I’m not going to just let the linebackers make the play. I’m going to make that tackle. We are expected to do our job, be dependable, reliable. I expect the same at the next level."

Draft Profile: Amari Spievey from Bob Gretz

THE RIGHT 53? – Whether Mitchell has the right stuff is unknown, but his Mom could be; Angela Mitchell works the corner of pro boxer Antonio Tarver. She’s also worked for Roy Jones and other fighters. His coaches say he works hard and tries to improve every day. He hasn’t shown any characteristics of being a diva, like so many other receivers these days.

What he said – "I consider myself to be different than others," he said. "I beat to my own drum. I’m very dedicated and a very determined person. Seeing myself here, where I am today, and going back to think about the high school days, the mind is so powerful. I could really see myself in this spot back in the day."

Draft Profile: Carlton Mitchell from Bob Gretz

The youngest member of the Syracuse University football coaching staff could end up playing a key role in the Orange fortunes this year.

Nathaniel Hackett turned 30 years old Dec. 19. Six weeks later, he was introduced as SU’s new quarterbacks coach...

...The son of longtime college and pro coach Paul Hackett was raised on football. His father coached college ball at Southern California and Pittsburgh, and he served in various positions for a half dozen NFL teams, including the New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders, where he currently coaches quarterbacks.

SU's new QB's coach sports pedigree from

Player Tweets

BCarr39 Watchin my high school highlight tape...
BFlowers24 happy easter...texas it was a pleasure
BCarr39 Nothin to do so I might as well clean up a lil :(
BCarr39 Betta get a T-O baby!!!

GlennDorsey72 On this flight to KC wit too much turbulance mayne... Wuz good wit yall?

GlennDorsey72 Haha I know right... Everbody on hea sleep got a cutie on hea tho lol RT @Arabnblack: @GlennDorsey72 that's kinda raw lol
GlennDorsey72 - My beautiful mother and I for Easter luff her! I had to Courtney lol
BCarr39 Gnite ppl. 10am grind session!

Media and Fans

Adam_Schefter The Kevin Kolb Era is now underway in Philadelphia.
Dom_Brown_ I blame the Chiefs. Kolb lit them up, and now he's the best thing to ever happen to Philly. These fans here are so fickle. Get me outta PA
mortreport RT @brownsfan162452: @mortreport do you think its a good chance for the browns move to 4 to take berry? >> That's where they'd have to go.

mortreport You know who's probably mad about this? The Cowboys and Giants.

Adam_Schefter At various points, the Raiders expected a deal would get done. It never did. And now the Raiders are back to JaMarcus and Gradkowski.

Adam_Schefter Bottom line: Donovan McNabb preferred not to go Raiders and handpicked Redskins, Andy Reid said Eagles wanted to make McNabb happy.‬‪

espn_afcwest Raiders to look elsewhere for a QB -

kentbabb You might wanna spend the next 3 wks getting used to the idea that this guy will be the Chiefs' top pick:

kentbabb RT @defteats: Chances of KC drafting Bulaga & trying to sign Hamlin? ... Good question. Hamlin maybe more valuable to KC all of sudden.

Adam_Schefter And now, back to Brett Favre...

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