Mocking Dan has posted grades for the 7 round MTD mock draft with live reps.

This draft is now a couple weeks old and i was there for the entire draft. I tried to trade down at almost every pick and was unable to find any suitors as this draft is very very deep in talent at almost every position. A lot of these players are not projected to fall this far but as always players do slide and some rise. I am overall happy with this draft and although i fully support and want McClain i do not believe that he will be reached for. Berry is honestly the second best player in this draft and McClain is somewhere around 12th best player. As i have mentioned safeties are very deep and i did not want to make this pick as it tied my hands on some of the other great safeties in this draft.

5) Kansas City Chiefs - Eric Berry (S, Tennessee)

Just too talented to pass up. He is a leader and he studies his game. He will come in and start from day one at FS and hopefully correct our deep coverage problems. 

36. Kansas City Chiefs - Golden Tate (WR, Notre Dame)

Tate is an amazing receiver in almost every part of his game. His downside... he is only 5' 11" tall. He is a Steve Smith, Hines Ward type of player who goes out and does whatever is asked of him. He is our slot receiver and returns kicks and punts for us.

50. Kansas City Chiefs - Cam Thomas (NT, North Carolina) 

Our big guy in the middle will need a rotation his first year or two to learn this game and reach his potential, but Cam has lots of potential. Prototypical size and he specialized in eating up blocks this year on the field. He will have to learn to get a bit lower to avoid getting over powered at the next level.

68. Kansas City - J. D. Walton (C, Baylor) 

Our other big guy in the middle he has a lot of experience starting at center in a ZBS. He will come in and challenge to be the starter from the first day and in all likelihood he will play backup and learn from Weig.

99. Kansas City - Micah Johnson (ILB, Kentucky)

Micah Johnson is a great ILB prospect. Very good instincts and he is a very good wrap up tackler. He is slightly below average speed wise but he knows where he needs to be in run defense and he has strength to fill the gap and then shed the blocker to hit the RB. Competes with Mays and i believe wins the starting job.

132. Kansas City - T.J. Ward (S, Oregon) 

Ward was too good to pass up on in the 5th round. He will not fall this far in the real draft but he is a very good SS prospect. He is a walk on player for Oregon and he plays with a chip on his shoulder delivering big hits routinely from the safety position. Has good speed and good instincts but needs to improve his pass recognition skills. He would compete with Page for starting SS but ultimately i believe Page starts at SS.

138. Kansas City (from Miami) - Dezmon Briscoe (WR, Kansas)

Briscoe is a homer pick but i have seen what he is capable of. He is great running after the catch and he is a little like Bowe or other top receivers in that he makes the really tough catches but he needs to concentrate more on making those easy catches. Runs solid routes and has good acceleration to separate on cuts. Lacks elite top end speed but has good height. Eventual replacement to Chambers as our number 2 or a solid slot replacement if Tate is our number 2.

140. Kansas City - Ed Wang (OT, Virginia Tech)

Wang is a talented tackle and he started at LT last season. He is athletic enough to be a LT but probably fits better at RT.

UDFA's include: Kerry Meier WR Kansas, Tim Hiller QB Western Michigan, Colin Peek TE Alabama


So what did Mocking Dan have to say about the draft? He left out Tate on his evaluation so he may change his grade when he realizes that but as of now this is what he had to say about our draft minus Golden Tate.

- Grade: B
- Other than Berry, none of these are flashy selections. They're all solid players, no doubt. But none of them pop out as being stars. 


How happy would you all as Chiefs fans be with this draft? What grade would you give and in what ways would you improve it? Thanks everyone hope you enjoy.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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