Our Safety Problem




We as Chief fans think we know what is best for our team.  We have high hopes and big dreams.  We tend to drink all the kool-aid we can get our hands on.  The fact remains that the Chiefs still have some holes to patch up and some decisions to be made.  We have one of the best safeties to come out in the draft in a long time.  I'm just as excited as the next person to have Berry on our defense.  I'm sure he'll make plays left and right for us while ending up going to the Pro-Bowl.  What I'm not sure of is the other safety spot. 


I just have an opinion but even that isn't 100% fool-proof.  Just another crapshoot in the game we have came to love.  I honestly think that Jarrad Page is going to be the starter opposite of Berry.  He is still the best safety on this team until proven otherwise by everyone else.  I'm sure Page will have plenty of competition this year in camp and pre-season.  Let's run down all the safeties that we have on our roster besides Berry and Page.


Reshard Langford: 1 year experience

Maurice Leggett (CB/S):  3 years experience

Kendrick Lewis:  Rookie

Jon McGraw:  9 years experience

Ricky Price:  1 year experience

DeJuan Morgan:  3 years experience


So as you can see there will be a lot of competing in camp this year and that even includes all the undrafted rookies we bring in.  I still think by looking at these names and seeing them play that Page has the best chance.  Why does he have the best chance?  We'll I'll try to answer the best that I can.


Page is not the fastest on the field.  He isn't the most talented on the field but he is football smart and apparently a part of the right 53.  At 6ft 2, 220lbs he has good size for a safety that isn't afraid to make contact.  He isn't as hard hitting as Berry but he is a ball hawk just the same.  He loves to patrol the middle of the field and with him being missing from so many games last year because of injury we felt the impact.  We didn't have a smart safety on the field to help with the deep pass.  That is why we gave up a million yards passing and got a safety number 5 overall.  I'm a stats guy so here you go!


Jarrad Page

Total Tackles


Forced Fumbles/Fumble Recoveries

Passes Defended

2006/2 games started





2007/16 games started





2008/16 games started





2009/5 games played -Injury







So as you can see he got better in every area each year until his injury.  I expect him to be solid this year especially with a playmaker opposite of him in the secondary.  I think that people kinda forgot how decent Page really is and how many late game interceptions he made to win us the game.  It is easy when you give up a lot of yards because of safety play and he is injured early in the season.  I think he will remind us how much we missed him and make a lot of plays with Berry, Carr, Flowers, and Arenas.  Are you ready for a top ten secondary this year?  I am very ready!  Go Chiefs!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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