Highlighting the enemy: Oakland Raiders

 Over the next three weeks im going to highlight each one of our AFC Rivals. Each week im going to create a post for everyone to discuss why we as Chiefs fans have a certain dislike for our AFC West rival. Im going to include quotes from players and coaches, players who have played on both sides of the fence, and just a general recap of our rivalry.  Seeing as how the Draft is over, I feel its time to start focusing on our enemies. Hopefully each and everyone of our newly drafted Chiefs are ready to take the field and destroy our AFC West counterparts.

Today im going to start with the Oakland Raiders.



Oakland Raiders Superbowl Championships: 3

AFC Championships: 4 (2002 was last)

AFC West Championships: 12 (2002 was last)

Playoff apperances post AFL: 18

Chiefs hold all time series advantage over Raiders at: 54-46-2

All time postseason series: Chiefs lead 2-1

Here are some quotes from the Chiefs/Raiders rivalry:

Only one word: Blood. —Harvey Williams (who was with Oakland that season after four years in Kansas City) in a 1995 NBC interview for the team's first meeting in Oakland since 1981.
It's something special. It's not just media hype...You can sense it with coaches and players. Then you get out into the community, and you realize what a huge game this is for both cities. —Will Shields, former Chiefs offensive guard.
It's a dark game. I characterize it as a lot of darkness." When asked whether "dark" was meant as 'a good vs. evil dark'—"You can read between the lines. —Gunther Cunningham, former Raiders defensive coordinator and former Chiefs Head coach and defensive coordinator, currently working as the Detroit Lions defensive coordinator.
Those were my favorite games...I always likened them to a heavyweight fight. You knew you were going to get beat up, but it was fun. We needed the Chiefs. We wouldn't have been as good without them. —Ben Davidson, former Raiders defensive end.


Here is a list of some players who have played for our Chiefs and the hated Raiders:

  1. Rich Gannon
  2. Andre Rison
  3. Albert Lewis and Harvey Williams (traded to Oakland in 1994)
  4. Cotton Davidson
  5. Terdell Sands
  6. And the most famous of all Marcus Allen





The Chiefs vs. Raiders rivalry is always a heated one. Anyone who grew up in the late 80's and early 90's and watched any movie out of California knew who the Raiders were. Everyone on the West Coast seemed to be representing the Raiders. While I was growing up it was always the Raiders I wanted to see us beat. Yeah the Broncos had Elway, and the Chargers and Seahawks were always fun to watch but it was something about the Raiders that I couldnt stand, I wanted us to beat them badly. I always expected a blood bath, a grudge match, a game where everyone knew that these two teams hated each other badly.

 In the past few years the games haven't always been very fun to watch. Neither team has fielded very competitive teams. Last year we saw the Chiefs lose at home against Oakland 13-10 but go into the Black Hole and defeat them 16-10, in what I would call a very ugly win for the Chiefs. With our new core group of players its up to them to start this rivalry again. This new Kansas City Chiefs draft class has to learn to hate the Raiders. The coaching staff has to prepare them to dominate the Raiders in Arrowhead and in Oakland. Everytime I see a Raiders fan I have to let them know im a Chiefs fan. There is no fan that I know of that likes the Chiefs first and the Raiders second, or the Raiders first and the Chiefs second. There is no way that could be humanly possible, the hatred is to deep.

The entire 2010 Raiders draft class can be found at the link that follows (remember study up on your newest enemies): Bleacher Report Raiders

Sea of Red versus the Black Hole, and epic battle until the end of time. So far we are winning this battle in the all time wins column but if our young core of players dont believe in this rivalry many will look on it from the outside with point of view: Chiefs vs. Raiders.

Im interested in hearing why you dislike the Raiders so much, please share below so all Chiefs fans can read your words, was it a certain game? A certain player? John Madden? Al Davis? What made you despise the Raiders? Me its just the colors, I hate Silver and Black!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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