Why didn't Pioli & Co. get THIS guy??!!

This guy is phenomenal. I wish our leaders would have been aggressive and brought him to Kansas City! No wonder so many are so upset at Pioli and Co. for not being aggressive enough in the off-season. If only they would have gotten a guy like this for us. Wow! We would be dangerous with this guy.

He's a stronger RB than Charles. He follows blockers better than McCluster or Charles. He moves piles backwards. He's stronger than Charles or McCluster. Plus, he finished 3rd in the NFL in yards and TD's last season.

We don't have anything like this on our team huh?

Let me commentate as you enjoy the video. You can check him out here. Ever heard of him?!

Notice the following:

1:26 - What happened to that famous Colts defense here?

1:31 - Two defenders wish they had stayed home this day (trust me, you need to watch this one a few times in slow mo to appreciate it). Did that guy really end up facing the other direction? Ha.

1:46 - Can ANYONE stop this guy?

2:07 - Enough said right?

2:14 - THIS is brilliance. Watch how he sets up his blockers from behind!! What he lacks in blazing speed, he makes up for with intelligence.

2:32 - Did I say he was slow??

3:06 - Freeze it! He can fly too??

3:11 - Anyone still think 3rd and 3 is going to be a problem for our Chiefs this year?

3:22 - All this guy does is score touchdowns!

With all the hoopla about Charles and McCluster, I think we sometimes forget to tip our hats to Pioli & Co. for this pickup. I think everyone is wrong about how we will be used here in KC. I think he is going to have a larger role than most of us feel he is going to have this season.

For as much as I hear complaining for what we DIDN'T do this off-season. I don't hear near enough about what we have done this off-season to improve this team.

As if his strength, intelligence and scoring ability weren't enough, he will be mentoring Charles and McCluster. Brilliant move Pioli. Jones is much better at exhibiting patience and following blockers than Charles or McCluster. Something they can learn from Jones. He is far more powerful in tight space, and he has years of experience on these guys. What a teacher. What an example of what it takes to be great in the NFL. Who better to teach what it takes to be great on and off the field. Thank you Pioli. Thank you Haley.

Oh, and in case I forgot to mention it already, ALL these highlights are from last season! I think if we put half as much effort into being grateful for what we DO have, instead of dwelling on what we don't, we would be a lot happier as a whole AP. What else can you ask for? Go watch in THIS order - Jamaal Charles highlights. McCluster highlights. Arenas highlights, and finally Thomas Jones highlights.

It's going to be a great season right?!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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