2010 NFL Draft Grades: Kansas City Chiefs Are On The Honor Roll

Good morning Chiefs fans! I hope draft weekend treated you well. 

This morning, I'm going to continue the long tradition of handing out NFL draft grades far too early. Here's what I'm roughly basing my grades on (with a H/T to Big Cat Country):

  • Player potential;
  • Expected to start this year;
  • Good value for the round chosen;
  • Filled a position of need; and,
  • Fan approval.

Overall, I think the Chiefs did a pretty darn good job this draft. It wasn't immediately obvious to me that this draft was great until I took the time to research some of these guys a bit more and see where they're going to fit in KC. 

My quick takes are after the jump. Give us yours  and make sure you grade the Chiefs' in our poll. 

S Eric Berry: A

It's been a while since the Chiefs made an early round draft choice that was almost universally regarded by experts, fans and others to be a great pick. 

Berry fulfills a position of need; will definitely start; worthy of the #5 pick; and has all of the potential in the world. No brainer, fantastic pick. I believe it was Jason Whitlock who said that if Berry fails as an NFL player, it won't be for reason that anyone foresaw.

WR Dexter McCluster: B+

This grade may turn into an A after we see more from McCluster in camp. I really like his potential and it's been a while since the Chiefs' had a player like him. Part receiver, part running back...all athlete. 

I was scratching my head at first when McCluster's name was announced. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how much we needed another playmaker on offense. As much as I like WR Chris Chambers, if he's your featured offensive weapon outside the hash marks, your team needs another playmaker.

CB Javier Arenas: B+

As far as need goes at the kick return position, I would agree with Todd Haley and say it was a must to address the position. I mean, we had Bobby Wade returning kicks. Bobby Wade.

Lots of people were saying they felt that Arenas was the best return man in college. He was eleven yards away from the NCAA kick return yardage record. How nuts is that? 

Don't sleep on this Arenas pick. He may win a game or two for the Chiefs. 

G Jon Asomoah: B

Gotta admit I didn't and still really don't know much about Asamoah. Here's what I like: he started six game as a true freshman and played significantly from there on out. 

I'm a big fan of drafting college players that played three or even all four years. I feel like that experience is underrated in our evaluations and makes for much more NFL ready players. 

Asomoah has good potential; was a good value for the round chosen (3); and you can't have enough offensive guards, especially when the Chiefs were going to need to address the guard position soon anyway. 

TE Tony Moeaki: C+

Moeaki seems to be a great tight end by all accounts. But...this pick seems way to familiar to me. Brad Cottam anyone? 

Not that a Cottam comparison by talent is bad. It's Moeaki's injury history that bothers me. While his injuries were sort of freak injuries (and not something like a blown knee), I just don't have the most confident feeling about Moeaki. Especially when Todd Haley offense's don't feature the tight end much. Did we draft a guy in the third round who's going to be blocking when he's on the field?

S Kendrick Lewis: C

Again, I don't know much about the guy yet. This pick gets a C because we already drafted Eric Berry and I don't feel the Chiefs needed to address the safety position again. This pick reminds me of DaJuan Morgan from a couple years back. How much will Lewis actually see the field?

LB Cameron Sheffield: B

I like this pick because the Chiefs needed to address the pass rush somehow and Sheffield will have a chance to start as an outside linebacker in the 3-4. 

If Sheffield doesn't work out though, I won't be surprised. I don't have a lot of confidence in the success rate of 5+ round picks. 

Give us your draft grades in the comments. 

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