Just watched the 2009 Ten. vs. Ole Miss game.

I just watched the entire game which as you all know has 3 of our draft picks in it. It was a fun game to watch for sure and I have some observations for you.

1.) Dexter McCluster - All I can say is WOW! If he can translate even some of that explosiveness and toughness to the NFL we have go ourselves a special player. He reminds me ALOT of Charles. Although I think he may not have JC's top end speed. i think he may have better change of direction and lateral quickness believe it or not. One thing that really jumped out at me is his toughness in pass protection. He was going 1 on 1 with linebackers and DEs and winning. 275 yard rushing and 340 total yards!!! enough said. :)

Negatives: The only thing I can say is his size. But as I am sure all of us have experienced someone who just seems to be made of sterner stuff than others, I think DMC is one of those people. He didn't have any signifigant injuries in college and I dont think we need to be unduly concerned. If he cant "play with the big boys" it will show up in training camp and we will know then.

2.) Kendrick Lewis - I was skeptical when we drafted him because I thought there were probably better safeties on the board. I am now however quite pleased with him. The biggest positive on him is he is obviously a smart and disciplined player. He "stays home" and makes sure that no big plays get past him.  He is a solid wrap up tackler which is refreshing given the poor tackling of our safeties last year. He doesn't just go for the knockout (which can cause problems as we have seen) but  instead makes certain the guy is down.  He is VERY good in kicking coverage. Single-handedly saving a couple possibe return TDs in this game by manning the flanks very well.  He also registered a nice PBU to stop a drive on 3rd down. He is the leader of that D obviously, as multiple times I saw him setting the D up and calling coverage audibles. 

 Negatives: Needs to know when to try for the big play. It is great he is watching out and acting as anti big play insurance but there were a couple times I saw he could have been more aggressive and possibly done something great but he held back a bit and let the play be made by someone else.  

3.) Eric Berry - Not much to say, this was not his best game. To his credit most of the offensive plays were totally drawn up to minimize his influence. Ole Miss ran most of thier plays away from him, specifically it seemed. But I have seen him in other games and he is a rare talent. I think he will be great.

Negatives: Not much that sticks out although he does go for the big hit sometimes and misses. But that is what you have K. Lewis for behind him right? I think Lewis takes Page's spot and starts next to the Berry for years to come.


Overall, I am very optomistic about our picks after watching this game. I can't wait to get those training camp reports and to get this season started!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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