My Early Predictions...

It is very early but I thought I would have some fun since I can't sleep.  Instead of a million mock drafts it will be time for us to all make our own predictions!  We pretty much know who is going to be our starters.  It might be too early to make these predictions but oh well.  I'll try to be as unbiased as I can when making my predictions.  I will also try to make them as detailed as possible...Enjoy!


VS  Chargers: WIN

We win this because well...It is our first Monday night game in a long time.  We will be pumped up and ready to show Arrowhead how we will open up the season for now on.  The Chargers had an average draft at best but are still a high powered offense.  We took care of our secondary so that will help a lot when dealing with the bolts.  Also, the Chargers seem to start out seasons slowly.


@ Browns: WIN

The Browns upgraded their secondary with the draft and got a decent QB in Colt McCoy.  Although, McCoy might not start their RB that ripped us a new one last year will.  I think RC will watch a lot of film of that game and find a way to keep him contained.  We also have to worry about Cribbs returning the ball.  Overall, we just have more talent where it stands and a better coaching staff.


VS Forty Niners: WIN

So what do you do when you have a QB that struggles?  Beef up the O-line...which the Niners did with two first round selections on linemen.  Their offense is starting to look scary but in week three they will probably still be trying to find themselves.  It will be a close win that could go either way.


BYE WEEK -Rest it up boys, rest it up!


@ Colts: LOSS

They are one of the best offenses in the NFL.  That alone is tough to compete with even if you have a great secondary.  They picked 6 defensive players in this draft to help balance things out a little bit.  I think we will score points but won't be able to keep up with Peyton Manning and the Colts.


@ Texans: LOSS

Wow, another tough road game with a very underrated QB at the helm.  They have a solid defense and will be interesting to face Pollard for the first time.  I think this game will be back and forth for a while but the Texans edge this out in a very close game.


VS Jaguars: WIN

They beat us last year but it was a fairly close game if I remember correctly.  They spent their first 4 picks in this draft all on defensive lineman.  I don't think they did enough to be a better team.  We will watch a lot of film this year and find their weakness.


VS Bills: WIN

It will be close and maybe get into overtime.  Their first round pick was stunning since they already have 2 decent RB's but so was our 2nd round pick.  So I guess it is how they utilize them in their offense.  I don't really see how they helped their team.  It will be a good chess match against our former O-Coordinator.  We out coach them though and that makes the difference in this game.


@ Raiders: LOSS

We always seem to have dog fights with the Raiders.  Usually, these games don't get decided until the end.  They have a decent QB this year though!  They also had a decent draft for once.  It will be a hard fought game but they edge it out at home.


@ Broncos: LOSS

Going to be tough to beat the Broncos at home let alone them coming off the bye week to face us.  We beat them bad at the end of the year last season.  They will be prepared after a whole bye week off.  It will be close in this division game.


VS Cardinals: WIN

Here are the facts: 1.) Haley knows this team very well.  2.) They don't have Warner anymore.  3.) Their defense is less than impressive even with the draft. 4.) We are at home.  5.)  We win this no doubt in my mind.


@ Seahawks:  LOSS

Last year, this team was average at best.  This year they had one of the best drafts in the NFL.  They have quite a bit of talent and we face them at home.  They improved vastly on both sides of the ball in my opinion.  Very even draft and might take their division this year.


VS Broncos:  WIN

We are at home and by this time in the season the Broncos beyond old defense is getting tired and worn out.  We will dominate them this game like we did the last game of last season.  I don't think this game will be close and we will be mad about the first game that they won.  Besides, they have Tebow and that's at least worth one win in our favor.  Even if he doesn't play this season.


@ Chargers: LOSS

Here are the facts in this game.  1.)  The Chargers are past their slow start.  2.)  They aren't surprised by us anymore.  3.)  They are playing us in their house.  4.) They want to be in the playoffs again so they can choke. 5.) It won't be a blowout like our previous losses this last season though.


@ Rams: WIN

We are staying in Missouri for this road game.  The rams finally got a franchise QB or so they hope.  They had 11 draft picks but mostly late rounders.  I still think they need a few more years to dig out of the basement much like our team.  We win in this close game.


VS Titans:  WIN

We are at home in december and there might even be hope for a wildcard berth.  We will do whatever it takes to finish the season strong.  We are playing a lot better as a team and it will show.  I think that Chris Johnson vs Jamaal Charles will be very interesting and this will be a high scoring game.  We edge it out at home.


VS Raiders: WIN

Once again, we are at home in december playing for everything.  They won in thier house in a dogfight. They won't sweep us much to the dismay of the Raider Nation.  It will be close like any other time we face them but unlike them we need it more at the end of the season.



So, there you have it guys!  We go 10-6 the way I see it but a couple games could go either way.  So I give this prediction 2 wins or losses either way.  Probably more on the 8 win area then the 12 win area.  It will be interesting to see how much progress we make this year with new staff and rookies coming in.  It is also another year our young team can solidify.  Here is hoping to a Wildcard spot this year!  Go Chiefs!!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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