what our divisional opponents can tell us about the 2010 NFL Draft



Looking at San Diego's draft, I noticed a couple things that stood out to me while trying to figure out what Pioli was thinking this past weekend.  Those things?  For starters, no matter how patient you want to be, there's always some crazy gm/owner/head coach that does the irrational, thus causing a domino effect.  This is sometimes why we see a run on a certain position, and we witnessed a lot of runs this weekend.  Some of us witnessed those runs in our underpants after we saw our draft picks after Berry.  some of us witnessed them after we saw the Raiders post a pretty decent draft.  Insert taking the Browns to the Superbowl joke here --> ______________.  But seriously.  As a GM, you always have to be weary of the runs on different positions....

Point is, some coach is always going to jump the gun to get the guy they want.  You're probably thinking of Josh McDaniels and Tim Tebow.  Well, this is a good example, but I'm actually thinking about the Chargers' first pick, Ryan Mathews, a running back that wasn't projected to go until the second round, and yet the Chargers moved up to get him before the middle of the first round.  I know, I know....McCluster isn't a running back for us, but he may have been for somebody.  There may have been some crazy Charger-like gm who envisioned Mc Cluster as a dynamic wildcat running back.  the guys with the next pick, the eagles maybe?  Mc Cluster is probably going to be better than Tim Tebow.  Some would say he already is, I actually think Tim has a chance to be good....because he works hard.  Tebow aside, Mc Cluster may or may not have been available at 2 b, but the way this draft was going, who knows?  One thing if for sure, GMs were trying to imitate Al Davis this year, so I can see why Pioli may have wanted to get Mc Cluster while he could.  He may have even known that one of the next teams was going to grab mccluster.  And if they truly had him rated as a top receiver, running  back, and returner, then they should've drafted him when they did.  talent aside, his versatility makes our offense dangerous.


moving on....and this is related, specifically because of the position that I argued needed to be addressed at the spot Mccluster was drafted, NT.  What does looking at NT tell us?  Well, San Diego's former NT went to the Broncos.  Yes he is getting old.  How great he'll be is debatable, but the truth is, San Diego passed up Cody and every other NT for over 4 rounds.  They didn't address NT until round 5.  They could have.  I'd say they had far less needs (or musts if you're haley), and yet they didn't take a NT until round 5.  We won't know whether it is because of poor NT options or not, and I'll restrain from speculating.  The fact is, for whatever reason, a smart, NT needy team in our division didn't select a NT until round 5.   And Denver didn't draft one at all. 

Well what about Oakland?  What can we learn there?  A couple things.  How to draft when you're not blindly focused on 40 times.  Also, it doesn't matter how great the guys are if you don't have great coaches to mold the talent.

Some guys that Pioli drafted had slow 40 times, but did better at their pro day.  Even if they didn't, Pioli let their tapes speak for their speed.  can't exactly equate 40 times with football speed.

There are generally three ways to have great players on your team:

1) go out and get the best.  I know, common sense, huh?

2) coach up guys.  go find guys that are moldable, coachable, and make them into stars, or at least the wheels and cogs to keep your team going.

3) Scheme.  scheming properly can cover weaknesses pretty well.


Being an Iowa Hawkeye fan, I get the honor of watching Kirk Ferentz take Iowa farm boy walk-ons and 1 and 2 star recruits none of the other big regional schools want (Michigan, Ohio St., and Penn St) and watch Ferentz make them into NFL prospects.

All this to say that Weis and Crennel are fully capable of taking less dynamic guys and making them into respectable starters.  Also, I believe it is fair to say that their respective schemes will enhance each player's value as well.

This surely isn't as in depth as it could be, but it is a realistic glance of the NFL draft, not the rankings of the NFL net and ESPN 'gurus'

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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