My Draft Grades

Rd. 1 - Eric Berry/ S

I would have gone ILB here due to no depth in this draft at that position. Regardless, I am VERY pleased with Mr. Berry. He is an elite prospect that fills a huge need for our team. I'm going to knock some points here because he's a safety and 5 is, to me, always a reach for that position. He is Eric F'n Berry though, so only minimal points are deduced here. He is great in both zone and man. He's so good at the latter that he could play corner in a pinch if needed. I'm shocked we actually got Berry. This was a sexier pick frankly that I expected out of the Don.

Value: C+      Talent/Potential: A+    Need: A    Overall: A-

Rd. 2a - Dexter McCluster/ OW

I was baffled by this pick. Though I've come around on it some, I still find him to be a risky prospect chosen at the wrong time. Slot receivers were available much later in the draft but ILBs and NTs were in short supply. Much risk comes with his size. McCluster is literally smaller than I am, and I know I'd be toast against an NFL ILB. I'm just hoping a fierce linebacker doesn't raise up on him and break his life. If that doesn't happen, he should be a fun offensive weapon to watch. Matt Cassel loves mid range, mid field passes, which McCluster should be a fantastic valve for. He can easily turn a 7 yard hot route into three times that in YAC. He'll draw DB's up and open up Chambers down field. When asked what position he feels he is best at, he replied that he is an "OW," for "offensive weapon." I like it.

Value: C    Talent/Potential: B+   Need: C   Overall:C+


Rd. 2b - Javier Arenas

I had actually mocked Arenas to the Chiefs, but much later on. He's a solid mid round corner who could come in and play in nickel packages. He can also return kicks, but I felt this was part of the package when we selected McCluster 36th overall. As with choosing McCluster, the need was there but it was down the list. This was just too early to take a 3rd CB and Arenas as a player. Of note, Arenas has a cousin in the NBA whose name is in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Hopefully Javier is from the saintlier side of the family and avoids felony gun charges.

Value: D   Talent/Potential: C+    Need: C-    Overall: D+


Rd. 3a - Jon Asamoah/ OL

Best pick in the draft. I was expecting an OL but not Asamoah. The reason: I had no expectation he would be there in the third. We don't have a place for him to start right away, but I believe he comes in and fills Wade Smith's old role. Smith was so valuable as a depth guy because he could play any position along the line, but his lack of a true home prevented him from being a starter. Asamoah is better than Smith and can be a legit starter at G or C and could fill in well at T if need be. He will either be a depth guy who steps up into a starting role in a couple of years, or will allow us to put Waters on the market. I suppose there is an outside chance he defeats O'Cal for the RT job, but i doubt it. Some had this guy as the 2nd rated Guard on the board, and he's going to be a chief. Absolute steal

Value: A    Talent/Potential: A    Need: B   Overall: A


Rd. 3b - Tony Moeaki/ TE

I just knew Scott Pioli was going to take a TE. He just can't restrain himself. I feel that TE is a position that is low on the priority list in general. What's more, I was perfectly comfortable with the trio we had moving into 2010. Pope is an average TE who has been a better blocker than I expected and catches balls he's supposed to. Moeaki is another player that I have no problems with as a player, I just can't justify a TE relative to other needs. He was projected to go in the 4th round so it was somewhat puzzling when we gave up our fourth and a fifth to get him. Good player and all but he was a reach at too high a cost. Just keep Cassel on his feel, be it as a pass blocker or outlet.

Value: F  Talent/Potential: B    Need: C   Overall:  C-/D+


Rd. 5a. - Kendrick Lewis/ S

Another confusing pick. I didn't object to another safety; I expected one. I thought Myron Rolle was on the board at a position we needed depth at and he seemed like a "right 53" guy. We took Lewis instead, and I don't know why. Most of the ratings i saw for him had him going in the 6th at the earliest, maybe even undrafted. His 4.8 40 time is abysmal for a safety which I find concerning. I don't hold speed up as high as most do, but the safety is the last line of defense. If you get beat its 6 for the bad guys. All I really know about him is that he ran a slow 40 and plays safety. I assume Pioli saw something that got him selected over higher rated safeties, hopefully we will soon be acquainted with those attributes.

Value: D    Talent/Potential:C     Need:B    Overall: C

 Rd. 5b. - Cameron Sheffield/ OLB

I was not offended with this pick like I was some others. I was happy to at least hear the words "linebacker," even though I felt we went with the wrong prefix. ILB was and still is a huge need but the talent was depleted well before this pick. I don't know if he can start right away, but I sure hope so. That would let us move Vrabel inside to form a solid corps of LBs. The only problem here is that DJ is the only LB we have who is competent in coverage, and Sheffield does not help this. We can hope he at least gets after the Quarterback.

Value: B+    Talent/Potential: C    Need: B    Overall: C+


Draft Overall: C

I'm happy with every player, save maybe Lewis, as a talent. My objections are not with who we took, but with what we did not take. We have a gaping hole at ILB right now. We simply can't field two NFL caliber MLBs. The one we do have, Haley refuses to let play. Also, passing on Cam Thomas in the fifth was an absolute crime. Some said that he must have fallen for a reason. Sure he did, and its because there weren't many teams looking for a starting 3-4 NT. Even if we think Shaun Smith is the starter at NT, we have zero depth. Ron Edwards did a commendable job trying to be a NT, but he was just pretending.  Had we taken Spikes at 2b and Cam Thomas at 5a, this would be an A draft. We would have scored great talent and bargain prices, and addressed every need on the team. This draft wasn't bad, just a little too flashy for its own good. Two big holes not plugged. Pioli is a big fan of veteran LBs, so that must be the route he has in mind.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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