2010 Undrafted College Free Agents: Who Will The Chiefs Sign?

The Kansas City Chiefs aren't done adding college players this draft weekend. Around the NFL, the race is on to sign those college players that weren't drafted. They're usually called college free agents or undrafted free agents (UDFA).

Last year, the Kansas City Chiefs signed/committed 11 college free agents within a day of the NFL draft ending. They ended up signing 12 total. Josh Looney expects Scott Pioli to sign 10-15 college free agents. There isn't a roster limit until later in the off season so this is pretty much a free for all. Most of these guys won't make much beyond a few thousand bucks, so the salary cap isn't really an issue either.

Two of those players from last year's UDFA crop, LB Jovan Belcher from Maine and LB Pierre Walters from Eastern Illinois , ended up making the final 53-man roster. So while most of these signings are training camp fodder, there is typically a gem or two in this batch.

After the jump, I've listed the projected UDFAs that the Chiefs were interested in before the draft. Take a good look - the next Chief signings could come from this list. We'll be covering each and every signing so stay tuned.

What positions do you think the Chiefs will address with these signings? I'm guessing linebacker (athletic players that can also play special teams), offensive line (nice to have a few extra bodies during camp on the o-line) and more secondary (again, special teamers).

Click the header of a column to sort it. Click the player's name to learn more about the Chiefs' interest in them. 

Position Player School Projected Round Private Workout/Visit Senior Bowl/Combine Meeting Pro Day Rumored Interest Scouted 2009 Local Pro Day
CB Josh Gordy Central Michigan 7/UDFA
x x
WR Gerald Baptiste Southern Miss. 7/UDFA
K Craig Ratanamorn Marshall 7/UDFA
QB Dominic Randolph Holy Cross 7/UDFA

K Todd Carter Grand Valley State 7/UDFA x
P Zach Johnson Eastern Michigan 7/UDFA x
TE Frank Zombo Central Michigan 7/UDFA x
S Mike Newton Buffalo 7/UDFA x
ILB Lee Campbell Minnesota 7/UDFA x
S David Caldwell William and Mary 7/UDFA x
SS Lester Richmond Toledo 7/UDFA x
LT Nick McDonald Grand Valley St. 7/UDFA x
RB Dimitri Nance Arizona St. 7/UDFA x
S Anthony Levine Tennessee St. 7/UDFA x
OT Tyler Eastman Maine 7/UDFA x
DE/OLB Jordan Stevens Maine 7/UDFA x
K Derek Doerfler Baker 7/UDFA x
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