Piolicans vs. WereDoomedicrats

So the 2010 NFL draft is in the bag.  This draft (like every other draft in NFL history) seems to have split the fanbase.  Did we take the right guy?  Did we take the BPA?  Did we fill a need?  Did we take your guy?  We spent the run-up to the Draft on AP discussing the merits of every potential pick, trying to gauge Chief interest, and spewing forth mountains of mock drafts.  So where did it get us?


While many people would say “it got us nowhere” I would disagree.  Pre-draft, there was actually a consensus building on AP.  Not a consensus on who to pick, when to pick, or whether to trade back.  But there was a sense of “what do the Chiefs need to do on draft day to compete in 2010.”  Look at the mock drafts, the expert opinions, the fanposts and fanshots, ESPN, or the Star and you saw a trend emerging.  The Chiefs' needs.  And they were: safety help, a nose tackle, a WR, depth on the o-line, and an upgrade at LB.  Sure we were still arguing the priority of these needs and how best to fill them right up until 5 minutes before the Bradford pick.  But the list seemed real.


While the draft has now ended, the speculation has not.  There is just as much traffic on AP dissecting our picks as there was predicting them.  And as with most debates, it seems to break into the nay-sayers and the yay-sayers, with countless strings of comments that read like a script from Monty Python’s argument clinic:


“It was a great pick.”

“No it wasn’t.”

“Yes it was!”

“No it wasn’t!”




Then, there are those that say the debate on the picks should end.  After all, these aren’t picks anymore, they’re Chiefs.  Maybe we should just say “Welcome!” and hope for the best. 



I can sympathize with all sides.  But what I’d like to do in this fanpost is summarize the sides.  I don’t believe the debate should end.  I mean, debate is what blogs and fan sites are for.  If we didn’t debate we’d be the Chiefs equivalent of the Ellen DeGeneres show.  And besides, there is plenty to debate.  I mean come on, I don’t care who you are, NO ONE saw that second round coming!  But what are we debating?  In an attempt to turn the argument clinic into a discussion, I'd like to try to define the conflict.  The way I see it, the central argument about the Chiefs' 2010 draft breaks us fans down into two camps, the Piolicans and the WereDoomedicrats,  Let me explain:

We can debate our choice of WR and CB pick all night long (with plenty of argument clinic).  What we can’t debate is our selection of NT.  That’s because there was no selection of NT!  WTF!  How could we not draft to fill such an obvious need?  Unless... it wasn’t a need at all.  The way I see it, the thing that really blew up in this draft was us.  By us, I mean not just the fans at AP, but everyone who is not in the Chiefs front office.  I started this post saying we had all reached a consensus on what the Chiefs needed.  I guess we should have let the boys at 1 Arrowhead Drive know that.  So why did Pioli draft the way he did?  We know Pioli is not a BPA guy.  We know he has his short list.  But no one on his short list fit our list of needs.  So what does that mean?  It means you can believe one of two things:

Option 1 - The “Piolicans”

What it means is that our consensus on teams needs was wrong.  Shaun Smith, sharing reps with Edwards, is our answer at NT.  Haley must still see potential in Derrick Johnson and believe that he, Belcher and Mays will flourish under Crennel.  Hali is a lock, and Vrabel must have enough gas left in the tank to hold down the other side.  Lilja and the return of Casey are enough to patch / add depth to an improving line.  We just didn’t know it.  That's what allowed us all of these luxury picks.  Folks blog about wanting potential difference makers all the time.  I’ll tell you what - you just got’em.  An entire draft of potential “take it to the house, burn the Faiders, high impact, game is on the line, pin the tail on the Donco” play makers.  The fact that we took these guys MUST mean that everything else is in place.  If it isn’t, we will fix it with UDFA and trades before preseason.  In Pioli I trust.



Option 2 - The “WereDoomedicrats”

No, what this Draft means is that our front office has all the football sense of Al Davis on fire in a hemp field .  Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh, but really, the Turtle could have picked better.  Name your reason why: “Hoodie was the real brains in NE”, “Haley is too green”, “We have overvalued our own players... again”, “Haley should have stuck to golf.”  It doesn’t really matter what the reason is behind it, the truth is, they pooched this one.  We had glaring needs, and only one was addressed.  Sure, we addressed safety brilliantly, but why didn’t we do an equally brilliant job with our other needs?  There was so much talent on the board at every pick, I just don’t see how we could have passed on it.  We didn’t address our front seven which means our secondary can have all the talent in the world, but they’ll still get picked apart.  And with #7 flat on his back all year, what good will speedy receivers do for us?  Sure, we got players, but we didn’t improve our team.



Whether or not you like the boys we picked, whether you think we’re going 8-8 or another 4-10, this seems to be the heart of the argument.  It’s not so much whether we filled our needs, but it’s a question of whether they were ever real needs at all.



So where do I stand?  I know I’m just a fan and they are the front office.  They have all the scouts, the interviews, the countless hours devoted to film study.  I have... my opinion.  But it doesn’t mean they’re always right.  I’m going to chalk this one up to “be careful what I wish for.”  I’ve always wanted dynamic play from the Chiefs.  The big play threat.  The speed.  The show.  There was much more “show” in the 2010 Draft than “core.”  And I’m finding myself worried.  I wanted Cody.  I wanted an ILB.  I wanted Decker (stinking damn Doncos).  I got none of them.  But, I figure it’s nothing a tall glass of homer KoolAid and seven new Chiefs jerseys can’t sort out.  Only time will tell which camp is right, but for now, count me a Piolican.  Where do you stand?



Now let’s focus on kicking the ever-loving junk out of Chargers on national television!



See you in the stands!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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