Tebow to the Donks is great for rivalry

The 2010 NFL draft has been an adventure to say the least, and the landscape of the NFL underwent a seismic shift in the landscape for many reasons, most notably being all the buzz that's surrounding the Seattle Seahawks with the arrival of uber-successful USC coach Pete Carroll, rb's Leon Washington & Lendale White & their numerous sexy draft picks....

But in the AFC West, something else is happening.  2 teams are trying to do the exact same thing @ the exact same time & ending up with some very intriguing possibilities, and the beginnings of what very well may be the NFL's next great division rivalry.  Fierce rivalries & bad blood between players & organizations are part of what make the NFL the biggest & most watched sport in the country.  Between the Chiefs drafting a multitude of SEC players the last few years and controversial Florida QB Tim Tebow getting drafted by the Denver Broncos, this has the makings of a competitive and very heated rivalry for years to come

It's no secret that Tim Tebow, the most decorated college football player in history is controversial, even polarizing.  His rah-rah, gung-ho, ultra-good sportsmanlike attitude, his outspoken conservative Christian views and his unconventional talent set have drawn fierce support and opposition on all fronts, and have made him one of the most talked about NFL rospects in recent memory.  Those who know Tebow personally can't praise him any higher for his work ethic, positive attitude and leadership.  Detractors say he doesn't have the skill set to play quarterback in an ever-evolving NFL, or he's too outspoken about his beliefs. 

He's easy to love for his relentless work ethic, his community involvement and his unselfish, team first attitude.  Tim Tebow is the classic squeaky clean all-American overachiever.  Given the developments of this year's draft, he's the kind of player that seems to fit the bill of what Scott Pioli & Todd Haley are looking to fill this Chiefs roster overachievers who prepare & play out of their minds on a regular basis, and who have potential to be perennial pro-bowlers.

About 9 hours west of Kansas City, there's a Denver Bronco team with an young, offensive-minded head coach schooled in the offensive system that Charlie Weis built & the same team-building mindset shared by Chiefs GM Scott Pioli & Patriots coach Bill Belichick trying to do the exact same thing. 

There's also a flip side to the kid that folks in Gator Nation call Superman.

Tebow's unique skill set has drawn criticism from NFL scouts & media mainly due to his throwing mechanics & his tuck the ball & go style of QB play.  Some say he can tailor his talents to play QB at the next level, some say he'll be forced to play a different position like fullback, tight end, or h-back which is more of a hybrid between the two.  Many believe he has the leadership skills to take a team to the promised land. Others believe he will be an out & out bust.

He has also faced harsh attacks from women's rights groups & others on the political left for his outspoken, conservative Christian views & beliefs, most notably, his part in an anti-abortion ad that aired during this past Super Bowl.

He is now the first round draft choice of the hated Denver Broncos.  I love it.

This is what may bring some national media attention to our division which has in recent years been less than competitive.  Between the Chiefs & the Raiders decent into futility, the Broncos also being a non-factor and San Diego's dominance of the division for most of this decade,  this breathes some much-needed vitality & controversy to the rivalries in our division....especially the Chiefs & Broncos. 

Both KC & Denver brass are Parcells disciples, (directly or indirectly) Both KC & Denver are trying to build similar teams w' similar offensive & defensive systems, both are trying to import the mindset of the New England Patriots that made them the best team of this past decade, and both Scott Pioli & Josh McDaniels are out to prove that they can succeed without Bill Belichick.

KC doesn't want guys like Larry Johnson anymore

Denver doesn't want guys like Brandon Marshall

Moreover, the Chiefs D is loaded with guys from the SEC who have a deeper rooted hatred for Tim Tebow than any NFL scout or left-wing activist.   Berry, Kendrick, Jackson & Dorsey are licking their chops right now.  They want revenge. 

Whether Tebow becomes the next John Elway, only time will tell.  I hope he fails miserably.   But after years of so-so, bland qb's like Greise, Plummer, Cutler & Orton,  Tebow & Brady Quinn are the new supervillians.  It's fun to hate the Broncos again!  



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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