Putting the Draft into Perspective

     I just want to start off by saying I'm retiring from draft speculation.  I didn't see a lot of these moves going down.  My assumptions were ignorant, especially after the 1st round.  We don't know if this will be an amazing draft or a crappy one for sometime.  But, through these selections we can try and guage the thinking, and the reasoning behind these picks.  Lets start off after the jump to see what our possible starters and role players could be come the home opener. 

SWR - Chambers
LT - Albert
LG - Lilja
C - Waters
RG - Asomoah
RT - O'Callaghan
TE - Cottam, Moeaki
SR - McCluster
FWR - Bowe
QB - Cassel
RB - Charles, Jones

RDE - Magee
NT - Dorsey
LDE - Jackson
ROLB - Hali
RILB - Williams/DJ
LILB - Vrabel/Studebaker
LOLB - Studebaker/Vrabel
CB - Carr
CB - Flowers
NB - Arenas
DB - Washington
SS - Berry
FS - Morgan

K - Succop
P - Colquitt
R - McCluster/Arenas

     I like what they have in mind.  The NFL is changing to a more pass happy league and the teams that have a dynamic secondary will be the only ones that will survive.  The greatest thing is we may have to two rarest pieces to that puzzle.  A Shutdown corner in Flowers and a game changing safety.  With Troy not getting any younger, Reed about to retire, an unreliable Sanders in terms of health, we might have the only one in the NFL in a couple of years.  Secondary is one position group where depth itsn't just a luxury, but a big need.  With multiple WR sets you need to have 6 guys capable of covering opposing WRs.  You saw this with the Jets taking Kyle Wilson with Revis and Cromartie on the roster. 

     The front 7 was probably the most neglected group this offseason.  I think they are going to move a lot of pieces.  I think Dorsey is going to put on some weight and move to NT.  At 6'0 tall he would only have to gain 15 pounds to be just as stout as some of the biggers nose guards in the league like Wilfork.  Look at Kelley Gregg in Baltimore who is very important for that great defense at 6'0 315 lbs.  I think Vrabel moves inside and Studebaker takes over at the outside linebacker spot.  Jackson and Magee will be our starting defensive ends and they should be much more productive shaking off the rookie learning curve.  DeMarrio Williams and DJ will provide a good rotation like last year.  And Tamba will dominate.   

     The offensive line isn't perfect, but I think our interior just got exponentially better at every position.  The only thing I'm worried about is depth.  It really scares me to think what could happen if Albert goes down.  I think there will be another move this offseason to address that, possibly Mike Gandy formerly of the Cards.  Hopefully, O'Callaghan improves because right now I think he is the weak link.  Colin Brown should provide good competition as he is coming back from injury.  Also, Moeaki is a very good blocking TE and we all know that killed us last year. 

     And the most exciting thing on our team right now is our playmakers on offense.  We have the most fire power since the Vermeil days.  I'll admit I was utterly confused when Dexter McCluster's name was called with our 2a pick.  But, it makes a lot of sense.  McCluster was the only player with that Wes Welker, Desean Jackson type of explosiveness on the board at the time.  Now, the coaching staff is going to have to develop him, but the guy without a doubt brings big play ability.  We should probably have a top 5 rushing attack, which will help progress Cassel.  And besides all the player aquisitions our team as whole should get better with the progression of the guys already on the roster, especially Cassel.  He should be on the same page with all of his WRs after camp and will have more time to throw in the pocket. 

     Overall, I am pleased with their plan and the direction we are heading.  Will it work?  Only time will tell.  I do think barring any injuries, we have a more complete team than what we put on the field in the last three seasons.  Also, our opponents probably won't be as strong as last year.  My prediction is for an 8-8 season.   

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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