A few thoughts on the draft.

So, AP is now divided again. Before it was the Berry/McClain war. Now it's the Was this draft an A, or an F? My thoughts after the jump and a little bit of research.

Eric Berry. Ok, I get it, the guy's a stud. He was the best safety in the draft, and according to many experts out there, the best player in the draft. I still feel that honor goes to Ndamukong Suh, but Berry is a very close second. I'm glad overall that we grabbed him, in seeing how the rest of the draft went with safeties, considering that the other top prospects went very quickly. 

     After this, while I'm not upset, I'm a bit confused. This is not to say that I thought that we did badly, or even poorly, I was simply a bit confused by the way that we drafted. As I saw it, every guy we picked this year could have been picked at a much lower premium, netting us more picks, and still getting us the guys that obviously the coaches wanted.

Dexter McCluster: I did some research on this kid, and this one is less of a head scratcher than I previously thought. His speed and the way that scouts are looking at him pegs him as a slot receiver/kick returner type. I can deal with that. The kid's got game, his stats (1,169 rushing and 520 yards receiving) and his toughness (20 reps at 220 lbs and an intimidating 37 and 1/2 vertical jump) make the kid by far a great pick. I don't think there's any question the kid's worth it. My only concern was watching the other picks of the draft, if we could have gotten him a bit farther down the line in the draft. I think that out of all the other picks, this one is going to be the one that really electrifies the KC offense. McCluster and Charles on the field at the same time makes for an intimidating combination that will confound defenses for a good while. However, I think we could have still gotten this pick with a trade back in the same round, and still picked up Sergio Kindle. Issues aside, I think that Kindle would have responded to Haley's style of coaching, and I think he could have been a very special pick for the Chiefs. Now we'll never know. Clearly the Raven's saw something, because they snagged him. The same Balitimore Ravens that have had an intimidating linebacker corp for years. I give this pick a B+ for grabbing talent, but not at value.

Javier Arenas. I don't know what to think here. He's got speed, I can dig that. he's got quickness off the corner, and I *am* a fan of the corner blitz, but...if he's going to be primarily used as a punt returner, then, why was he drafted? With Charles and McCluster, this pick seemed to be sort of redundant to me. We really don't need him to come in and compete at Corner, because of Carr and Flowers, and with that being said that drafting a backup at 2b just doesn't add up to me. This is another kid who, talented though he is, we could have gotten farther along, and gotten more picks for. I don't really hate it, I just don't understand the logic behind it. Out of all the other picks we made, this one is the one that's left me scratching my head the most. This is the one pick that I give a poor grade to, with a D.

Jon Asamoah. This is the one pick that I think made the most sense for the Chiefs. He's got intelligence, he's got the size and ability to start, and eventually possibly take either Ryan Lilja or Brian Water's place. He's a smart kid, hard worker. From what I've seen he tends to overextend himself against good techniques, and he tends to get a bit high from time to time, but that's something that can be fixed with solid coaching. This pick I give an A+ to for Value for draft position.

Tony Moeaki Stud Tight End.  Ok, so with there being a lot of uncertainties at Tight End, namely Brad Cottam and Sean Ryan, This pick makes a lot of sense. I think our hand was forced a bit because of the way we moved to get him. Good pickup. B

Kendrick Lewis. Here's my question. Is this guy being drafted to play safety opposite Berry? Is he a nickle corner? what is this guy? If this is the case, why did we draft Arenas earlier? was it *just* for his return skills? If so, that makes Arenas being taken later make all the more sense. This is another pick that I just don't entirely get. He seems talented enough, but he doesn't solve any real issues that we have as a team.  C-.

Cameron Sheffield. An OLB prospect? Ok, workable. However, most of the info I found on him tends to state that he has trouble shedding blocks, gets pushed out of position fairly frequently, Doesn't use his hands very well, and tends to flatten around the edge. Also gets a bit too high on contact. Overall, he'll need a lot of coaching, Is this kid going to be another Vrabel understudy? If so, what about Studie? I'll give this pick a C+


Overall, this draft has puzzled me. We got some great standout players, I think we got some players in postions that we needed, but we left some huge holes that really need to be adressed. ILB remains unadressed. Nt still isn't a sure thing, And I don't exactly care for Sean Smith and Ron Edwards duking it out uncontested for the starting spot. Derrick Johnson still hasn't proven anything, and Cory Mays is still pretty rough. For a team that finished 30 against the run, I haven't seen much that was done in the draft overall to improve that situation, which is questionable to my mind. Did we get some answers, yes, but not as many as we could have, and not in positions of greatest need. My overall grade for the draft, on the merit of the draft alone? B- I certainly hope that some of these kids (namely Kendrick Lewis, Cameron Sheffield, and Javier Arenas) surprise me and become greater than the sum of their parts. I don't even dislike that they were picked, just where we picked them.

This draft has made me a bit nervous. Perhaps even more nervous than last years. Obviously, Pioli and Co see more wrong with our secondary than originally thought, here's hoping they're right. Go Chiefs, get these kids signed and get them to work.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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