A Great Draft

Hello everyone. This is my first post. I have been a long time troller and just recently joined and started commenting. With this post I hope to show why this has been a great draft, why we have made the moves we have made and how these picks improve our team. I have no illusion that I will convince any one that this has been a good draft I just want to put my thoughts down.

First, I want to look at each position before the draft and discuss our needs, rankings are what I believe Pioli thinks our needs were. Next, I will talk about our picks, what needs they fill and what I think. Finally, I will talk about what our team looks like now.  

Our offensive depth chart before the draft I think looked something like this.

QB: Cassel, Croyle, Gutierrez

Obviously we are fine at QB for now. I know there are plenty of questions about Cassel and most make complete sense, but he needs a least another year or two to prove himself.

Team Need: 15

Offence Need: 8

HB: Charles, Jones, K. Smith

We are very good at RB. With that said a solid 3rd RB would be nice if Charles or Jones gets injured. 

Team Need: 13

Offence Need: 7

FB: Catille, Cox

FB is ok. We don't need to improve but I would love to see a Pro Bowl FB in front of Charles and Jones.

Team Need: 12

Offence Need: 6

WR: Bowe, Chambers, Urban, Long, Lawrence

At WR Bowe has played like a #2 at best but he has the potential to be a #1 while Chambers is a very good #2. Urban is a serviceable slot and provides good depth along with Long. Lawrence is a major speed guy who could step in and do some good things next year. With that said, we really need a good slot if we want Cassel to succeed, I think a quality slot who can step in right away, is the most important thing for our offence. If the opportunity for a #1 receiver pops up we should also take it.

Team Need: 5

Offence Need: 2

TE: Pope, Cottom, O'Connell

Here is our biggest need on offence. I like keeping two of these TEs for depth but we don't have a #1 TE. We need a TE who can first of a block but also make big plays in the receiving game we also need a player who can start right away. With a solid slot and TE this can become a very good offense. We have no real starting TE and this offence desperately needs one which is why I think it is such a big need.

Team Need: 3

Offence Need: 1

C: Wiegmann, Niswanger

Obviously Niswanger is not a starter, but he is a very good back up for the O-Line. Wiegmann has been a stud for a long time but he has at most one more season left. I think a solid develop C is an important need on offence but they can develop for a year behind Wiegmann.

Team Need: 8

Offence Need: 3

G: Waters, Lilja, Brown

Waters is getting old but he is still a good starter and can potentially move to C if Wiegmann doesn't pan out or we get another G. Lilja is fairly young and should be a good starter for a number of years. Brown has the potential to be a start, but he also might be nothing more then depth for the rest of his career. We do really need depth at the G position and someone who could take over for Waters eventually, Brown might be that guy, but I don't know. Also, I am not convinced Waters would switch to C but it is a possibility which would allow us to get a good G and fix C for 2 years.  

Team Need: 9

Offence Need: 4

OT: Albert, O'Callaghan, Ndukwe, Richardson 

Albert is out LT for at least next season and O'Call along with Ndukwe are decent RTs, we have pretty decent depth here but I think RT is a need but not a big one.

Team Need: 11

Offence Need: 5

DE: Dorsey, Jackson, Magee, Gilberry

We are set a DE, Dorsey and Jackson should be studs and Magee and Gilberry and very good backups. Suh would be worth getting if he fell to us but I am quite happy with the DEs we have.

Team Need: 14

Defense Need: 6

NT: S. Smith, R. Edwards

NT is clearly a big need, but I really think Smith could be solid starter for a couple of years and Edwards provides good depth. Smith might be the best under the radar signing of free agency. We defiantly need a superstar at this position though, but that is very hard to find.

Team Need: 4

Defense Need: 2

OLB: Hali, Vrabel, Studebaker, Walters

We have good starters in Vrabel and Hali and a young and up an comer in Studebaker, but we have no depth. Studebaker should be able to take over for Vrabel in a year but we still need some OLB for depth.

Team Need: 7

Defense Need: 4 

ILB: D. Johnson, Mays, D. Williams, Belcher

I still think Johnson could become a superstar and Mays, Williams and Belcher are serviceable and potentially good ILB under Crennel. I honestly don't see this as a huge need. Sure we could get better here but with a good coach and a solid NT I think we should be pretty good at ILB.

Team Need: 10

Defense Need: 5

CB: Flowers, Carr, Washington, Leggett, Bates, Richardson

Flowers is a stud, he will hold this position down for years. Carr could be a very good player, he will either be a good #2 CB or a solid nickleback. The rest I like as depth, but nothing more. They can step in as good 4th or 5th CBs maybe eventually one could be a nickle, but nothing more.

Team Need: 6

Defense Need: 3 

S: Page, McGraw, Morgan

Page is a good starter and McGraw and Morgan are good back ups but we do not have a 2nd starter and we desperately need a playmaker here. 

Team Need: 1

Defense Need: 1

KR/PR: Charles?

Charles is a very good returner but he is our starting running back now. He should only return kicks if we absolutely need him.

Team Need: 2

P/K: Succop, Colquitt

We are great here. We may have the best young punter/kicker combo in the league.  

Team Need: 16

With all of that said lets look at our draft picks and how they fit in.

5th pick Eric Berry Safty

I really don't have to say much. He fills what I think is the biggest need on the whole team. He will be a starter from day one and has the potential to be an all time great.

36th pick Dexter McCluster WR/RB/KR

Wow, I did not see this coming but this is a great pick. He will instantly fill our 2nd biggest need on offence as a slot, he can potential fill our second biggest need overall with returning kicks and could step in for Charles at RB if needed. All of that from one player. On top of that he can score anytime he touches a ball, he has amazing hands, he has unreal agility and he may instantly have the best acceleration of anyone in the NFL. There was no one at this point in the draft, including Tate, that could make the impact that McCluster will make on this team. 

50th pick Javier Arenas CB/KR

He was the best KR in the draft and could dominate the NFL right away as a KR, so he easily fills our 2nd biggest need on the team. He is also a very good CB and should instantly be our starting nickleback filling another major need. Everything I said about McCluster is the same here, he will put fear into the opposition every time he steps on the field.

68th pick Jon Asamoah

This is the first pick that doesn't fill a huge need but it is still a great pick. Asamoah can step in day one and start which would allow us to move Waters to C or trade him is we want. If that doesn't happen Asamoah provides great depth and gives us a strong future at G, with Lilja and Brown.

93rd pick Tony Moeaki

I love this pick. It fills our biggest need on offence right away. This guy is a freaking stub, if he wasn't injured last year he would have easily been a 2nd rounder and probably the top TE in the draft. He is said to be the best blocking TE in the draft and he can catch anything. KC fans are going to love this guy and Cassel will want him on the field for every offensive play. In my opinion and obviously in Pioli's opinion it was not worth the risk to see if he feel to the 4th round.

136th pick Kendrick Lewis

The first pick of the draft that is a starter right away, but if Page doesn't get with the program or can't stay healthy he will be alongside Berry. I hosestly believe that is what will happen. We will probably get rid of Page and Lewis will be the starter. Next to Berry he could be an incredible player.

142nd pick Cameron Sheffield 

Sheffield will not be a starter, maybe ever for the Chiefs, but he provides depth. He will allow Hali to rest and go in for some scary blitz packages. 

Wow, that was a pretty amazing draft. We filled our 3 biggest needs and our 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 13th. The two major positions we didn't deal with were NT and C. C was slightly addressed by Asamoah but probably not. I think we will see Undrafted Free Agents fill in at NT for depth, C we will be fine for now. Another position not addressed, ILB, I think we will stand pat, DJ will have one last season to prove himself and the other 3 will be much better under Crennel. 

With this draft we have gone from a team with almost no playmakers and many glaring holes, including positions with players that couldn't start on any team. Now we have at least 4 new starters at 5 positions of huge need. 2 potential starters and a great back up. We now have a team that can instantly compete for the division, every player we picked can be a leader and only help the ball club. I personally can't wait to get the season started.



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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