Some Hard Thinking

Okay now guys I don't post alot becuase im not a very good writer but i had to just get this off my chest. So please hear me out and comment.

Something has been ticking me off here on AP and it's all you people saying are back field will not help any with out a pass-rush. Okay now think of it like this with are secondary getting much better in the draft so far and now we should be able to cover the man/zone a lot better it will allow time for are pass-rush to free up and get to the QB. I say this Because the QB will have such a hard time finding a open man if are secondary got the backfield on lock. Olny way they can stop are rushing is by holding and that will only ben-it-fit us. So just because we did not tend to the pass rushing linebacker you guys wanted don't mean the draft will go bad. I very mush so think we will get a LB from FA to fill in and play and next year we will address are needs for a NT and LB's there will be much better NT talent coming out next year so why not hold off a year and us Shawn Smith as a fill in and to with get are man. What ever happened to in the Don we trust. 

My thought of the draft picks

Eric Berry:I can say i have been watching him for 2years and im a huge fan and more then happy about him been here

Dexter McCulster: Just think of him and Charles on the filed at the same time. We gone have fun looking at the games this year.

Javier Arenas: This guy will help are rushing needs on D and ST he was one of the best rushing CB's in this year draft class and the best returner on ST fills a huge need.

Jon Asamoah:Another good pick Waters play has been going down the past few years and can get many reps this year and maybe have a chance to start

Tony Moeaki:When this guy is 100% better yet 90% he is a play maker a big body that can do it all at the TE spot, He can block CATCH run aw yea and Catch he will be a fan favorite if he can stay 100%

I grade are Chiefs draft with an A- this is one of the better draft i have seen but thanks for reading leave comments guys.

Remember guys take it easy i am still in school :)


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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