Why Chiefs should go heavy on the defense today

Many of us are thirsty for a play maker at WR, and there's no question why.  Kansas City's dropped balls this past season is enough to make Matt Cassell look like the second coming of Steve Bono.  So Golden Tate, right?  Realistically, we didn't expect him to be sitting there at no. 36.  There's the Weis connection and an area of need, so he has to be the pick, right?

Then there is Saffold.  He's projected to be more suited for a zone blocking scheme.  What a coincidence, we run a zone blocking scheme.  He was projected to be a 1st rounder.  And here he sits.

But will Pioli go there?  Better question, should Pioli seriously consider either of these two guys at no. 36...or even no. 40?


see why I say NO! after the jump....

The first reason, and perhaps the most important reason for ignoring (perceived) needs at receiver and the offensive line is because the defense as a whole is and should be Scott Pioli's priority.  Defense takes longer to build, so the defensive foundation should be laid first....before we think about accents and all the fun interior decorating things.  We have to be concerned about building one unit first and building it well.  We can (and Pioli has) get spare parts to make the other units work for now, but we should be focused on one mission:  build the defense, build the defense, build the defense!

Why?  It takes longer to build.  It was horrible.  we have more needs on defense.  Our offense didn't single-handedly give defensive players spots on the probowl roster, but our defense sure made average joes look like hall of famers. 

Pioli started his mission last year.  We drafted Jackson and Magee, kept dorsey, and switched to the 3-4.  Now we have the man we wanted, Crennel, and a much needed safety.  everybody knows that the heart and soul of a 3-4 defense is a huge, powerful, unmoveable NT.  Cody is that man.  His one glaring con is his weight.  but haley will get him in shape. i'm not worried about that, and neither should you.  Pioli will give due diligence to finding out if Cody has the desire.  If he does, Scott needs to pull the trigger at no. 36.  there is simply way too big of a need, and way too much potential there to risk it, especially for an offensive lineman.  simply put, we need to get the biggest foundational key to our defense.

this draft is deep.  we already know that.  deep enough that an offensive lineman thought to go to us and no. 5 slipped into the 20s....if we pick up offensive parts (shouldn't be more than 2, and that's pushing it), we should still find good value tomorrow.  there is a trickle down domino effect....2nd round receivers will fall to round 3 and so on.  good offensive linemen are always available in later rounds of the draft (as well as linebackers).  We shouldn't be in a hurry to grab lesser priority positions/players.  there will be great linebackers (for our 3-4 defense) available tomorrow.  I'm not saying we shouldn't pick one up today, but there has to be some criteria other than 'this guy slipped into round two."  please notice that the guy slipped passed 32 teams in round one, so perhaps there is a reason he slipped into round two.  maybe he'll slip into round three.  in my mind (and hopefully Pioli's), the criteria for today's draft picks should go in this order:

defense (unless an offensive player at a need position is way better. note: I don't see any offensive guys fitting the bill in round 2).

then position of need (taking the depth of the position into account!!!!):


and then LB

( I wouldn't argue with LB and WR being an equal priority)

after those positions, I believe the other positions of need are basically interchangeable:

WR, OL, LB, DBs....perhaps a TE.

notice that most of these are for day three, not two.

today, we should worry about NT first and foremost.

In all reality, we could go all defense at every pick and walk away winners.  maybe not playoff winners like some are hoping for this year, but we should be realistic.  Pioli is going to do this right, and that means building the defensive foundation first, and then worrying about the offense.  He will plug holes for now, and look to fix the offense and build depth next year (and tomorrow's draft slots).


I'm not hating on tate, and not neglecting a pass rusher.  I just believe Cody is the most important pick in round two, and that Benn or McCluster will be good receivers.  I have no problem with a receiver at 2b, but really, we should only spend one (if any) pick on offense today, and no more than 2 tomorrow.  this year and this draft needs to be about the D.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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