The second round

With Eric Berry now confirmed as the chiefs first round pick we can turn our attention to the second round where their are still several prospects who would be great additions. These players are Sergio Kindle(OLB), Terrence Cody(NT). The chiefs have 2 picks in the second round but their is a big gap between the two. Kindle and Cody are the two that I think represent the best value

Out of those players, Terrence Cody fills the biggest need, while Sergio Kindle is the higher ranked prospect. Now if we pick one with 36th pick it's unlikely that the other will be available at the 50th pick. Quite a conundrum. Both would be great. I think I have the answer

First things first. We take BPA. Sergio Kindle is an OLB. We have Tamba Hali on one side. On the other, Mike Vrabel and Andy Studebaker. In my opinion, niether of those is good enough at OLB. The OLB's job is to get to the QB. Vrabel and Studebaker combined for a whole 2 sacks in 2009.

Now how do we get Cody. Between the 36th and 50th pick,  Baltimore and Denver could both take Cody. This is where we will see Pioli weave some of that draft day trade magic he's known for. Who will he trade down with? Well Baltimore pick at 43 so it will have to be someone before that. Now let's see, who's before Baltimore... we have Tampa Bay, Buffalo and... AH HA! Pioli can turn to his father-in-law Bill Parcells and the dolphins at 40th. Will there be any teams before that who will take Cody? I doubt it. Cody doesn't exactly have the physique Al Davis covets. The Browns will almost definitely take Colt McCoy. And the Eagles will probably look to the safety position.

Now what will it take for a trade down with the dolphins. I'm thinking our 4th round pick should be sufficient. If thats no good we could throw in Mike Vrabel as we have to many OLB now that we picked Kindle. Then we proceed to take Brandon Spikes in the 3rd round. The defence then looks something like this...

                                                Page (FS)                                                                        Berry (SS)


       Flowers (CB)                                                                                                                                  Carr (CB)


                           Kindle (OLB)                    Spikes (ILB)                   Johnson (ILB)                    Hali (OLB)


                                           Jackson (DE)                      Cody (NT)                         Dorsey (DE)

Now is it just me or does that defence look awesome. Then in the 4th round we go Eric Olsen (if JD Walton isn't available). How does that sound AP, Good or Great

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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