I love all the mock drafting posts and all the chat about the draft which is TONIGHT! I cant get enough of it who can? All of the mockings and the info are good. But none of the mockings are the ULTIMATE! Exscept for THIS one!

This is the ULTIMATE mock draft! It's almost time, so here it is! I've looked at the USA Today and watched ESPN and crunched all the numbers till my calculater was sore, so  here is the ultimate mock draft! FINALE!

Come on! Piolo you better do this draft or else your an idiot!

First rounder: TRADE! We need to move up, so we can trade our pick plus someone we don't need like maybe Newswinger who is big but I don't like him. We'll swap him and our pick and probably some money or a player to be name or something to move around to like about maybe 5th or 6th pick and then take... drum rolls... is....

TIM TEBOW QB from Florida! You might not have heard much about this guy but trust me he is a winner! He has entangables and heart and wins the big one. He has allready won the Hisemen trophy and the college championship of college so the next step is to take the Chiefs to the Super Bowl! Some people don't like him because he is relgious but they are probably just jealous. Poilo DONT listen to them. Look at the numbers. Numbers dont lie. Tebow is the MAN! Stand up to the controversy and stick to your guns. With TIM TEBOW! first rounder pick. next stop SUPER BOWL. Take it to the bank and set it on a stone.

2nd: Jake Locker, Washington! I dont care what anyone says in my opinon quaterback is the MOST important position of the field! Thats why everyone knows you can never have enough of them. This kid Locker is awesome! He is a real sleeper, no one is even talking about him thats why we need to make a strong move and grab him. He has good tallness and explsoability which you allways need. He is all about upsight and the future so we need to step onto the table and go for it. I am sick of loosing! Plus if he doesent work out you just trade him, it's a no-fail plan.

3rd rounder: Zach Johnson West Michigan! He is listed TOP at his position by lots of experts. So if he is there in the third round you GRAB him. If he isn't then just trade down and take him later. There is strategy to drafting and you need to pay attention to it instead of just following the convensional wisdom. Thats why Johnson makes the most sense.HArd to argue.

4th rounder: Nick Hayden, Defensive, Wisconsin. I saw this guy play a couple years ago and I guarantee you that he will play in the NFL. He is a cant mess kind of player and those dont come around very often. Think of two words: POWERFULL and YES. Maybe trade up if you have to make the deal. Throw in a draft pick next year probably.

4th round: Williams this runner back from my favorite college team. Ya thats ANOTHER sleeper but trust me I seen him play and he is good. The game I saw last year he run past a guy and then broke up a tackle and scored a touchdown. It was a great play. We need more great plays in my opinion. Williams or Washington I think it is one or the other anyway he is some one I scouted personaly on TV and there is no mistake.

5th rounder: We should trade down. Thats how you get value. I like value it is my favroite thing to buy. But when we do we need to get our moneys worth. Thats why we go with Tontarnio Harnessy from Tennessee. He plays runner but he has the work antics and cleverness to play several positions at once. He plays the technique and has good hips in all directions.  He has good scoreability in terms of putting his head on a shovel and scoring the ball into the enzone. He can play the spreads or the shotguns with equal ambidextrousness and has ellete qucktime speed. He will last till 5th because he did bad on a mental test and he looks like he likes to smoke the weed but its worth a chance to get that kind of a fenisse player with power fullback size.

Next round:  Darrell Hughes line backer from TCU. He is under raded for a line backer.He can play the zone or the 4-4-40 which ever you need and has big feet according to the guy on TV. He jumped 20 feet wide at the combide and then ran for 30 yards flat. That is tools which is very imprtant. Bottom line: you cant build a tree fort without the TOOLS. 

Last round: This is another seceret SLEEPER that no one else even thought about. What do we need! Size, grabability, bigness, CHAMPION SHIP skills. Some one who will look at the ball when its tough out there and decide what to do next for the TEAM not HIMSELF and who has brains and additude and the well to win. Well its time to think outside the box and think about not just foot ball. What about basketball? That is also a sport. I dont care what you guys say I only care about true facts and that is a true fact. Looking at the true facts leads you to one thing: big ZOBECK from Duke. If you seen the championship of basketball then you seen this big guy with athaleticalness and power and knowledge. You just tell him what to do and he does it. THATS how you WIN! I like to win so I am not afraid to take a chance. So with our last pick we have to draft Zobeck and teach him football. He is almost seven foot tall. Can you emagine trying and stopping him. I bet you couldent do it. So think about the OUTSIDE of the BOX for once.

So there it is the ULTIMATE mock draft! Like I said before I am all about crutching numbers and getting the inside info. This is right before the draft so now we know the last minutes of info and we can make the right CALL. Two hours from now we BETTER have Tebow Locker Johnson Haden Wilson Harnessy and Zobeck signed up to be the next generation of CHEIFS! 

Poili you better DO this! For all the money you make there is no way! Dont scrw it up! This mock draft has it ALL! Think about it.

Gitter DONE! 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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