WARNING:  Attention all Chiefs fans.  In just over 24 hours the NFL draft will begin and we are about to enter a....




In order to prove how serious I am about this point I even removed my Eric Berry avatar picture (so you know I must be serious :-P)

One year ago we were all excited about the 2009 NFL draft.  At this point last year I owned every draft periodical printed, had memberships to all the scouting websites and gobbled up every last bit of information on all the prospects I thought the Chiefs should and would be interested in.  I was ready for the Tyson Jackson pick and although not super excited about it, I understood it, and was okay with it.  Then rounds 3-7 came around.  I had so many prospects that I could give detailed scouting reports on off the top of my head that I was ready for the Chiefs to snatch up.  Then they took Alex Magee, then Donald Washington, then Colin Brown, etc. etc. etc.  None of those guys were on my lists.  We didn't draft the positions I thought we should in the rounds I thought we needed to.  None of it made any sense to me. 

You know why? 

 I'm not a GM. 

Reading magazines, blogs, and scouting reports and watching highlights on Youtube doesn't make me Pioli's equal.  When it comes down to it we have our own opinions, but to think that we know as well as he does is foolish.  I started up the "Draft Eric Berry Fanclub" a while back because I love the guy (hopefully they won't kick me out of the club for taking down my picture).  I REALLY hope he is Chief tomorrow.  If he's not I'm still going to trust that Pioli knows more about this team then I do and wants the Chiefs to win as much, if not more then I do.  So I'll trust him even if its (heavy sigh) Brian Bulaga.  I'll trust him even if he drafts a TE in the second round even though we haven't addressed NT yet.  I'll trust him if he drafts some guy I've never heard of in the fourth round when some guy I love and thought would be gone in the second is still on the board.  It's going to happen guys, so prepare yourself. 

Last year's draft was one of the most frustrating drafts of all time for me.  After that I decided I was going to go into the drafts in the future with a different mindset.  I'm ready for anything and excited for the ride.  I have my hopes, but at the end of the day I'm still in the "fog" until Pioli sheds some light onto his very secretive plans.  No matter what happens tomorrow night I'm excited for next season and can't wait to cheer on my favorite team.


So there you go AP, consider it a pre-draft glass of Kool Aid if you will.  Enjoy the draft, keep an open mind, and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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