players still available in free agency and trade

A lot can happen the week before and of the draft with player trades and signings.  I remember the draft we signed Priest right before the draft then traded for Green...

I am still VERY surprised we have not made at least one trade this offseason.  I think that will heat up this week as Pioli has been smart to watch all the moves unfold and how the draft lays out.  So I took a look at some players that are available both free agents and for trades and if i missed anyone let me know.  I have seen several trade down posts but not any on players available for trade.

1. Albert Haynesworth.  I start here because if we really did make him an offer last season the interest is there.  He is also a beast and could be a HUGE upgrade at NT.  Plus, Washington looks to be moving him after offering him in the Mcnabb trade.  AND, his cap number ans salary really is not that bad now.  The main reason i dont see it happening is from what i read he does not want to play NT in a 3-4.  If thats the case i would still consider trading him if you can get him to rotate at DE and NT (similar to Ngata at Baltimore).  If he could be had for a 3rd or even our pick 50 it would be a great play for us.

2. Darren Sharper. I think the only problem here would be Sharpers wish to play for KC.  What he did for the NO defense last year was amazing and I am confused why they did not lock him up.  This reminds me of the Rodney Harrison pickup by the Pats and how well he played for NE (even though i still hate him).  Adding Sharper and drafting a young safety would be huge.  He is a Free Agent and his list of teams interested could be diminished with teams looking to the draft.

3.Greg Olsen - only 25 and very talented I think he could be a pro bowl player on another team.  This is a very good year for TE and the Bears do not have a 1st or 2nd not to mention they hired Mad Man Martz I think this trade could happen for a 3rd or maybe 4th.  From ESPN TE Scheffler might go for a 3rd or 4th so that seems to be the value.  If he can be had for a high 4th or a 4th and 5th it would be a great pickup to add a TE for Weis (who uses a lot of TEs)

4. Kirk Morrision - Only given a 4th round tender would be a steal if we could trade our high 5th for him.  No clue why no interest in him so there might be more too it than i know but he always seemed like a very solid player to me and is still young.  Not sure how he would fit in a 3-4 ILB so that might be an issue also but still worth a look.

5. Jason Campbell - looks like he will be moved for a late pick.  I have always liked Campbell and think he never really got a fair chance in Washingon.  It is tough to develop a young QB and Snyder is not patient enough to not tinker with things every year.  He has had a new coordinator so many times how can he build on anything.  All i know is his completion percentage and rating has gone up each of his 4 years and if anyone can relate to playing behind a bad OL it is Campbell.  Not a need as we have Croyle but I am always in favor of improving the depth on the team and I know that this regime loves the big tall QBs and Campbell fits as he has a big arm and good size.

6. OJ Atogwe - not sure why not more interest so far he seems like a good player to me and is only 28.  Has already been franchised once so that has to mean the Rams thought he was good at one time.  This will probably be a draft day deal as teams looking for safety help in round 1 or 2 that dont find it might pull the trigger with the Rams just not sure what it would take.  I would rather draft someone but if the value is right would be a nice upgrade.  It will be interesting to see what we do with Page because if reports are correct he might be traded also.

7. Jared Gaither - there has been plenty of talk on this so i wont go into detail but I wanted him when he was a Supp pick a few years ago but this will probably happen on draft day as some of the tackles come off the board.  I think he would be a good upgrade for us but not sure how he would fit with our more athletic zone scheme and some questions about his work ethic.  Still if he could be had for a 2nd it would be hard not to look really hard at it as that would complete a much improved OL whether he plays LT and Albert goes to LG or he plays RT and Albert stays.

8. Kenny Phillips - The Giants added Rolle and Deon Grant and he is coming off a knee injury so they might be willing to move him but doubt they get much in return.  I really liked him out of Miami when he came out of college and he is only 23 but this is a deep draft for safeties so again it would have to be a lower pick to make sense but if you could trade a 4th and get him for the future even if he comes along slow this year it would be a steal.

9. Big Ben - Will never happen and I dont want to get into a moral debate BUT his leadership, toughness, and results on the field speak for themselves.  His haircut and brain off the field on the other hand...

10. Adewale Ogunleye - played DE for the bears but could make the switch to OLB as a situational pass rusher for us.  32 years old and still has some left in the tank as a pass rusher would be an uprade for some sacks but just depends how the draft goes.  Free Agent so no draft picks will be required which is a plus.


I am sure I am missing some so feel free to list more options but I think our 3 5ths and even someone wanting to trade up by sending a player and a pick could play out.  I would really like to see us sign Sharper and make a play for Olsen if we can package a 4th or 5th (that might give the bears enough picks to jump back into the 2nd).

Should be a fun week.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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