the 11th and FINAL Official AP Mock Draft Thread of 2010!



This is it folks... it all comes down to 3 days at the end of THIS WEEK!

Mock-aholisim has spread rampant across AP and the entire football world, and we'll see who was able to predict ANYTHING correctly!

The latest news/speculation is that KC really wants to trade down, at least into the 10-15 range.

The Chiefs "draft interest" list is longer than ever... kudos to Chris and Joel for compiling this chart 

Thanks again for everyone participating and rec-ing these posts, as they've helped keep things orderly around here, and keep the quality of this blog second to none.

I've assembled, after the jump, just a couple of my favorite AP mock-comments from the last 10 of these threds:

My mock draft including free agents.

Sign Thomas Jones
Sign Ryan Lilja
Sign Shaun Smith

1. Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa
Pioli puts a huge emphasis on the lines. He has only ever taken one offensive lineman in the first round and that was logan mankins at the end of the 1st. I think that Pioli wants to build up our lines and he will either reach for Williams or reach for Bulaga. With the likely hood that we sign a veteran NT i believe we pick Troup later in the draft and develop him behind a veteran.
2a. Jerry Hughes OLB TCU
Our pass rush was terrible last year and we need someone opposite Hali to put pressure on the QB. Vrabel can move around the LB corps and backup Hughes as he learns the position.
2b. J.D. Walton C. Baylor
Center is the biggest weakness on our team besides NT. Walton is the best Center prospect in this draft as far as being purely center. He has experience in a ZB scheme and would start immediately.
3. Torrell Troupe NT Central Florida
Troupe would come in and back up / rotate with a veteran. This is a player Crennel likes and he has coached him in the senior bowl. Troupe is raw but could become a great NT in a couple years.
4. Myron Rolle S Florida State
Our safeties need a playmaker and our defense needs leaders. Eric Berry could be the pick in the first but i don’t think pioli reaches for a safety. Rolle could come in and start at SS allowing Page to stay at FS where he is more comfortable.
5a. Micah Johnson ILB Kentucky
A very solid player as a run stuffing ILB. We have maybe one of those on roster and Johnson has much more talent and upside than does Mays. Johnson could come in and start or rotate with Vrabel as the starting ILB besides Johnson.
5b. Dezmon Briscoe WR Kansas
Briscoe has great measurables and is a sure handed receiver. He is still young and raw as a player but i believe he would be a great eventual replacement to Chambers and could play the slot while Haley / Weis develops him.
5c. Cirion Black LSU OT / OG
We still need depth at the tackle position. Black is a little raw but he is a capable backup at RT and LT.

by ChiefsfanJon on Mar 9, 2010 6:24 AM CST

Stop predicting trades it's irritating, anyways here's my mock

1. Bryan Bulaga OT- It’s not what I want, however it is what’s going to happen. I think we tend to overrate the Ryan Lilja signing, but even if Lilja ends up starting Bulaga would be an upgrade over O’Callaghan, moving waters to RG and keeping Weigmann at C.

2a. Golden Tate WR I’m hoping Tate falls here. Under Weis, Tate could destroy opposing defenses, but I’m betting that whoever takes Clausen will try their best to get Tate as well.

2b. Torell Troup NT Our NT of the future. Between Shaun Smith and Torell Troup the Chiefs defense should improve considerably. Torell Troup will be groomed to take over the job full time next season

3. Chad Jones S What we need is a SS, not a FS. After Berry there aren’t many options until Chad Jones, who will probably be here. And it fulfills our LSU quota for the year.

4. Eric Olsen ILM Still hoarding Notre Dame players, and why shouldn’t I? If you have an opportunity to bring in a player you’ve already been working with for several years you know exactly what to ask of them. I listed Olsen as an interior lineman because I’m not sure where he would end up playing in the future.. Relative to the NFL Olsen is pretty raw.. Luckily with Waters, Lilja, and Weigmann on the roster Olsen will have time to develop.

5a. Micah Johnson ILB 40’s for ILB’s are ridiculous.. It’s game speed that matters not field speed in football.. Johnson’s a pretty smart dude, in the future a tandem of Johnson and Johnson in the middle would be pretty formidable.

5b. Myron Lewis CB You draft according to need and the Chiefs NEED to find a guy that can help take on San Diego’s gigantic receivers. With Lewis’ size/speed combination he could eventually tag team with Brandon Carr when we play with the Chargers. Still he’s very raw

5c. George Selvie OLB Once a second round prospect Selvie’s production spiked his senior year and he took his draft stock with him. I think under Vrabel’s tutelage Selvie has a small chance of becoming a starter one day..


by 808NaNz808 on Mar 29, 2010 12:57 AM CDT

11101010011011101011. Yeah that just happened

My Mock v 3.0

I’ll probably shell out at least 7 versions before I feel I get it right, only then it will be the real draft so we’ll get to see how foolish I look. At least these are fun. And we continue with my newest Mock Draft v 3.0…

Round 1, Pick 5: Dan Williams, NT, Tennessee- I honestly have no idea who the Don is going to select with the #5 pick but my current mock suggests that it will be “Big Dan” Williams. After having a dominant senior season, Williams projects as the best 3-4 Nose Tackle in the draft. With there being only a few NT’s who have starting ability year one, not to mention the amount of teams using the 3-4 defense now, it’s unsure how long they will last in the draft or if they will go before they’re projected. There’s sources saying Crennel likes Torrell Troup, the NT out of Central Florida, and while this may be true, grabbing Williams at the top ensures you get your NT.

Round 2, Pick 36: Nate Allen, FS, South Florida- The best safety prospect in my opinion outside of The Great Eric Berry and Earl Thomas. He has good instincts, leadership, and intelligence (set the defense on every play). One thing I noticed on film was his ability to come up in run support and make a solid tackle. Not exactly a big hitter style of safety but definitely doesn’t shy away from contact and is a great tackler. He will be our center fielder on the back end and I have absolutely zero problems with that.

Round 2, Pick 50: Jon Asamoah, OG, Illinois- This guy will come in and probably start right away at RG. I know we picked up Lilja and still have Waters, not to mention Ndukwe and Brown on the roster, but I see Lilja and Waters battling it out for LG and the other two for depth. This guy is a beast and just punishes people in front of him. He’s got that nastiness that you want in a guard yet he’s extremely intelligent; the perfect mix for a Pioli selection. He won the award for having the highest grades on the team and was an Academic All-American. Sign me up.

Round 3, Pick 68: Andre Roberts, WR/PR, Citadel- This may be a bit of a reach but I think this kid can be special. He played against lesser competition for the most part while at Citadel but his abilities can’t be overlooked. An interesting stat, and while I’m not a stat freak, sometimes they do make sense: While at Citadel, Roberts dropped a total of 6 of passes, all the while catching 285 balls. During his time there he accounted for 75% of points scored for the Bulldogs. So he’s got great hands, knows how to get in the endzone and oh by the way, he ran a 4.46 40-yd dash and also is a pretty good punt returner, returning 3 for TD’s. Although I like the added depth we have by adding Urban, this kid’s got to get on the field. He’ll be another explosive playmaker we have to go along with JC.

Round 4, Pick 102: Brandon Spikes, ILB, Florida- At this point in the draft the value is too much to pass up on Mr. Spikes. Amazing how a year or two can change someones draft stock from 1st-2nd round to 3rd or lower. This guy however will be our starting strongside inside backer. He has good leadership and can shed blocks and attack the ball carrier. We all know about the eye gouging incident but one thing I found interesting was that Urban Meyer suspended him for 1/2 of the next game and Brandon was the one who extended it to a full game so as to not be a distraction to the team. I think he’ll be fine and in fact I think he’ll play great. It seems like it could be one of those situations where he’ll have a chip on his shoulder because he was taken in the 4th and not the 1st or 2nd. As long as he is team oriented which I think he’s proven to be, that could just be the motivation he needs to be great.

Round 5, Pick 136: Tony Moeaki, TE, Iowa- This guys talent is much higher than the top of the 5th round but he’s had quite a few injuries in his college career. Missed some games at the end of ’07 and early ’08 due to a broken wrist and fractured foot, hamstring injury and concussions in ’08, and a few games with an ankle injury in ’09. However when this guy is healthy he is a stud Tight End. He blocks and catches very well. He has deceptive speed and makes some great catches. I think if he can stay healthy he can turn into a solid tight end for us.

Round 5, Pick 142: Sam Young, OT, Notre Dame- After solidifying the Right Guard spot earlier with Asamoah, we now bring in someone to compete with O’Callaghan for Right Tackle. Young is very familiar with the style of offense we’ll be running here having played for Charlie Weis at Notre Dame so he may not have a huge transitional period learning the offense. This could turn out to be a good training camp battle in the making.

Round 5, Pick 144: George Selvie, OLB, South Florida- Now if George Selvie actually falls this far I’ll be ecstatic. 2 years ago he could have been a first round pick but after teams began to notice his presence, they would add more blockers to his side and gameplan specifically so he wasn’t a factor. This would also explain the emergence of jason pierre-paul. And while I think pierre-paul has potential to be good, I see the same type of potential in Selvie. While I like Studebaker at OLB, I really don’t see him being a starter unless he can really develop this next year with Vrabel returning. Neither one of those guys at LOLB can really rush the passer well and we need to put more pressure on the quarterback. If someone like Selvie is here in the 5th round we must snag him. If not Selvie, I’m all for Danario Alexander. I think he can develop into a true playmaker in this league with his size, speed, and athleticism.

Well it’ll probably be a week or so til my next mock, enjoy!

by King of the Cassel on Mar 31, 2010 3:07 AM CDT

1 Eric Berry, DB- I still think he’s the best player on the board, and you’ve gotta take him and run. I call him a “DB” here, because he’s versatile enough to give the Chiefs lots of options in the secondary

2a Golden Tate, WR/KR- I don’t care if you have to trade up to get him, he’d be a huge asset on offense and special teams

2b Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, CB- Great special teams player, and you know Pioli wants to upgrade the secondary

3 Terrell Troup, NT- Chiefs like to draft familiar players… Romeo got to know him, and they’ll make a NT out of Troup. I like him in the 3rd round, given the fact that Smith is on board, and NTs take a while to develop… get more “production” out of the 1st and 2nd rounders

4 JD Walton, C- my favorite Center in the draft… might not make it here, but would be a great pick

5a Austen Lane, OLB- Small school guy, seems to have everything you’d want in a prospect

5b Jason Fox, OT- not sure why his stock dropped, but he’s a great value here

5c Freddie Barnes, WR- all he does is catch EVERYTHING thrown his way

* KC now has the best coaching staff in the league
* 9-7 is a real possibility in 2010 IF the Chiefs get 4 new starters
* KC will NOT draft a LT in the first round, and the draft WILL be heavy on defense

by stagdsp on Apr 13, 2010 8:57 PM CDT

My perfect draft scenario (including trades)

First round pick is traded to the Bills along with our latest 5th in exchange for their first and second, they select Jimmy Clausen at 5.

by JasonM on Apr 15, 2010 1:47 PM CDT

Round 1 pick 9 – Rolando McClain ILB Alabama
Round 2 pick 36 – Nate Allen S South Florida
Round 2 pick 41 – Mardy Gilyard WR Cincy
Round 2 pick 50 – Roger Saffold OT Indiana
Round 3 pick 68 – Torrell Troup DT Central Florida
Round 4 pick 102 – Eric Decker WR Minnesota
Round 5 pick 136 – Sergio Render G Virginia Tech
Round 5 pick 142 – Jimmy Graham TE Miami (FL)

I'm not a proponent - But for the sake of trying

1 – Bulaga – I know….I know….just want something down that might happen
2a – Tate
2b – Troup
3 – Spikes
4 – T. Pike
5a – Freddie Barnes
5b – K. Chancellor
5c – John Conner

by Bajah07 on Apr 17, 2010 3:05 AM CDT

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