IF Pioli REALLY liked to draft Hawkeyes....

Well, one week before the draft, and who KC takes at #5 is still anyone's guess.

Lots of the national (and even local) media seems to assume the Chiefs will take an Offensive Tackle in the first round.  I've heard all of the "safe pick" arguments... and I agree that Pioli might take a boring pick.

However, I don't believe that the "safe" "boring" pick will be Bulaga.  I just don't see it.

The other argument that persists is that Pioli has a strong connection to Iowa head coach, Kirk Ferentz.

"Bulaga to me is going to be one of the four offensive tackles that could possibly go in the first nine picks," Mayock said. "If you think about Scott Pioli, the GM of the Kansas City Chiefs, is a good friend and admirer of (Iowa Coach) Kirk Ferentz.

But, wait... how many Iowa Hawkeyes has Pioli EVER drafted?  by my count... ONE... in the 7th round of 2007's draft.


7 247 Mike Elgin G Iowa

WOW... that's quite the pipeline from Iowa City to whereever Pioli is!

Ok, now that I have got that out of my system... let's just assume Pioli DOES like to draft Hawkeyes... I would contend that there are at least 3 or 4 other Hawks to look at in this year's draft, none of whom have names similar to a breed of whale;pageContainer&_1:col_1=5&start_row=751

There are 6 Iowa players likely to be drafted.

After Bulaga, these are the one's I think KC would at least take a look at:

220 21 A.J. Edds OLB Iowa 6-4 246 6-7 same 4.62 16 33 2.64 1.60 09'09" 4.28 7.19
157 14 Kyle Calloway OT Iowa 6-7 323 5 same 5.46 22 23 1/2 3.10 1.89 07'08" 4.86 7.96
165 7 Pat Angerer ILB Iowa 6-0 235 5 same 4.71 26 35 2.70 1.63 09'02" 4.29 7.04
130 9 Tony Moeaki TE Iowa 6-3 245 4 up 4.69 18 34 2.70 1.60 09'05" 4.42 7.10
112 14 Amari Spievey CB Iowa 5-11 195 3-4 same 4.52 -- 35 2.55 1.55 09'08" -- --

Amari Spievey, CB  Projected Draft status: round 3 or 4

Spievey has a nose for the football, and seems to fit the "right 53"

Ball skills: Showed solid hands intercepting six passes in two seasons. Has long arms which he knows how to use to his advantage. Gets his hands up to break up passes.

Although Spievey only started for two years following community college, he's a very heady player. He has great recognition skills, which could help him start as a rookie. He's known as a hard worker in the film room and it shows on the field. Diagnoses between run and pass plays efficiently.

Tony Moeaki, TE  Projected Draft status: round 4

I heard one expert recently say that Moeaki is the best all around TE in the draft.  I personally saw him make some fantastic catches, and he's an excellent blocker as well.

Moeaki might not be the most athletic, but he was a dependable target in the Iowa offense. He has really good hands and can block fairly well. He's not going to be a flashy pick, but a good one.

Pat Angerer, ILB  Projected Draft status:  round 5

Angerer is a high motor, tough, instinctive ILB.  He doesn't have the ideal size or speed... but all he does is make plays, and he's a tremendous leader

Final word: Angerer rates so highly mainly because he can stay on the field for all three downs and will be a great special teams player. He's smart and rough, which helps him overcome some physical and athletic deficiencies. He really came on as a junior and senior as the team's unquestioned leader on defense.

Kyle Calloway, OT  Projected Draft staus:  round 6-7

Calloway might be an ideal late round prospect that can provide depth, competition and development at the OT position.  I'd contend that Albert and O'Callaghan should be the starters... but KC NEEDS someone behind them.

Calloway is a natural right tackle who has also seen time on the left side. He's big and physical at the point of attack and can neutralize bull rushing ends. He's a poor man's Phil Loadholt in that he's a very good run blocker but has athleticism issues in pass blocking.

AJ Edds, OLB  Projected Draft status:  rounds 6-7

Edds is the type of player coaches will love to have on the team.  He can really do it all, and is rock solid.  MTD (below) has him as a 3rd or 4th rounder, Draftscout/Sportsline says 6-7th round... Wherever he goes, he'll be a good player.  I could see the Chiefs pulling the trigger on a guy like this to become a SILB (Corey Mays/ Jovan Belcher's position)

Final Word: AJ Edds, in many ways, is similar to former Hawkeye and Vikings starting weak side linebacker Chad Greenway. He has the size and frame of a run stuffer, but more than enough athletic ability to cover tight ends and running backs. He is a smart player that the Iowa coaching staff raves about when it comes to being a complete football player on and off the field. He may never be a superstar in the NFL, but he is a guy that does everything well and will be a reliable starter in the league for years. He needs to add bulk to his lower half however, as he is noticeably thin down there in comparison to most 240+ pound linebackers in the NFL. I see him as an outstanding strong side linebacker that has the potential to be a presence inside down the road. He will likely be taken in the 3rd-4th round region.

So, there's a look (from someone living in Des Moines) at the Hawkeyes, outside of Bulaga, that are draftable this year.  PLEASE don't turn this into a Bulaga vs Berry post, or a Mock Draft thread... I think we have one of those already :)


Which of these guys would you like to see in Red and Gold?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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