Detailed In Depth Mock Draft.


Alright, to start I know you've seen a million of these and would rather watch the Wilford Brimley commercial for Liberty Medical than read another, but I think you will like it. I spent hours researching and tweeking my draft until it was perfect.



Regarding trades, I would LOVE to trade down, but i just don't see it easily happening. Even if it does, it's so hard to predict to what team or for what picks that I just can't make my draft involve a trade with our first pick. Anyway enough blabbering.

1st round, Pick 5: Eric Berry, S, Tennessee.

           It's hard to pass up such premier talent. Many analysts say we won't pay a safety the amount of money Berry will command as a 5th pick, but I can't see why not. He's a premier talent and we have more than enough money to spend. Bulaga I just don't see as a good pick, and Okung won't slip to us. We made many offseason moves to upgrade the offensive line and I don't think we will address that with our first rounder. Not to mention, although these have little to do with projection as a complete NFL player, Berry's shuttle time, cone time, 40 yard dash, vertical and broad jump were all very very good. The only logical pick is the "next Ed Reed" and best safety prospect in awhile. I can't wait to see Berry in a chiefs uniform.


2nd round, Pick 36: This pick will be traded along with the 4th round selection to move up about 6-8 spots or so into the back end of the first round. I have confidence in Pioli's trading abilities to be able to maneuever correctly and throw in a late rounder next year IF need be. Anyway, this will allow us to select Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Mizzou.

Now, the verdict on Weatherspoon starts as early as the 19th pick to the Falcons (I view unlikely) All the way down to the very beginning of the second round. Alot of projections I have seen have him pegged as average to the Cardinals, Jets, Saints or Colts(20% consensus) . (Picks 26, 29, 31, 32 respectively). I have seen a limited few who have him pegged early like the falcons, but traditionally ILB are known to be a position most likely end up slipping. For example Maualauga, Laurinitis, etc. If you project him as an OLB he is a coin flip with Sergio Kindle to be the second OLB taken. Anyway the 36 + 102 picks put us at about 29th, i'll leave the fine tuning of the trade to Pioli, he's a grandmaster at the art.

That being said, Spoon is a great chase down linebacker who can play the inside of a 3-4. He rarely gets caught in traffic and was a very good player on a very bad Missouri defense. He's a great blitzer, tackler and coverage linebacker. He's basically a do it all LB who is a born leader. I would love, love, love to see Spoon man the middle of our defense.


2nd round, Pick 50: Jon Asamoah, G, Illinois.

          This was perhaps my hardest pick of the draft. At this point I knew i wanted OL help, but wasn't sure exactly where to get it. Tackles are a hotter commodity and often seen as more valuable, however the only two tackles left here are Veldheer and Ducasse. I downright don't like Ducasse as he's a very raw project type player, which I don't view as a chiefs player. Veldheer I don't see as panning out as he's too big with tiny arms from a small school. If we drafted a tackle here, it would be more of a depth move as I think Albert is solid and O'Call really came on late in the season. Another thing to take into consideration is the spot in the draft, here you will be getting the 10th best tackle in the draft compared to the 2nd best guard in the draft. I'd rather have a rock solid Guard than a depth/project type Tackle. With Waters aging rapidly, I see Asamoah as a great pick.

That being said, Asamoah is a very smart guard who is both a great pass and run blocker. He is very quick off the snap and has great foot movement. He can batter players on the second level and latches onto defenders unless he wants to hit another. Most importantly, Asamoah is known for very very good practice and weight room habits. Plays with a mean streak on the field, but is a leader in the locker room. Awarded a best effort award, and is an Academic All American as well.


3rd round, Pick 68: Torrell Troup, NT, Central Florida.

          As we all know, Nose Tackle is a very important part of a 3-4 defense. Edwards was constantly bashed apart last year, and I view Shaun Smith as more of a insurance plan and depth move. Troup has alot of experience facing double teams and is a very strong guy. His ability to absorb double teams is very impressive and what we need on our defense. He's known to be a very hard working person and was a captain and leader at UCF. In the east-west game he impressed and for those who don't know, Romeo Crennel was the coach of the east and said this about him, "Troup showed that he is a very physical and strong guy on the inside... He can push the pocket. He’s a good kid. He tries hard and does what you tell him to do. As a coach, that’s exactly what you’re looking for." Sounds to me as he's perfect for "the right 53". I view him as better than much better than Cam Thomas and he is significantly better with his hands than Joseph who is also known for bad stamina issues.


4th round, Pick 102: Traded.


5th round, Pick 136: Eric Olsen, C, Notre Dame.

          The signing of Casey Wiegmann as we all know was a solid stopgap move which brought a loved chief back home. He can help in Olsen's development and I'm not 100% sure he fits the zone blocking scheme, but I think he's a great value at this part of the draft. He only allowed 1 sack in his senior season and he's a very smart and durable lineman who will play through pain. If anyone knows his projection as an NFL center, it's his college coach Charlie Weis. Weis said  "Olsen is the line's "heart and soul." Another good thing about Olsen is he is very versatile and can play many positions on the O-line, something you love to see. If worst comes to worst, he can be a great backup lineman capable of stepping in for an injured player.


5th round, Pick 142: Dezmon Briscoe, WR, Kansas.

          Alrighty, I'm hoping you Missouri faithful fans aren't calling for my head on this one. However, I believe that Briscoe is one of the most under the radar deep threats in college football. He has put up 31 touchdowns in 37 games with Kansas and is a big tough physical receiver. Briscoe is not an easy open field tackle and works hard after the catch to fight for more yards. Very good red-zone target and I believe a solid draft pick.



5th round, Pick 144: Trevard Lindley, CB, Kentucky.

          Alright, Lindley decided to stay in college for his senior season although being projected as a second round pick. He suffered a high ankle sprain which limited his production last year causing his draft stock to move down. However, I think he's a great value this far in the draft as he has great instincts and anticipation. Needs to add some strength to really succeed at the NFL level, but other than that is a good overall defensive back. Flowers and Carr are great, but the nickle spot is still up for grabs and we could use some depth.



I wanna hear Comments, analysis, anything you want to bring up! And if you like it enough, give it a Rec!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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