Some Interesting Pre-Draft Speculation From Around The League

Thanks WesternChief. This is good open thread stuff too. -Chris

The Draft is one of the most exciting times of the year. For me, I'm constantly looking for more information about who will go where and who is rising and falling on draft boards. What are the trade rumors? The other thing is processing the information that is out there. What is real and what is put out for public consumption only to try and get another team to act in a certain manner.

With that said, here are a few items that I've come across that could have implications for the draft. Charles Robinson over at Yahoo sports has several great tidbits starting with this one:

After making calls all week on draft, I think it's going 2 be chaos. Opinions varying wildly. I'm almost certain 1 of top 3 will trade down.

Twitter: YahooSports

This sort of rumor always happens this time of year and it will be a difficult accomplishment since most teams don't like paying the coin associated with a top 5 pick. Also, McCoy and Suh are good but there are other good DTs. I haven't found any stories on Tampa wanting to trade so this seems to be focused squarely on STL and Det. 

With Detroit being the prime suspect, first from ProFootballWeekly :

We hear the Lions could be active on draft weekend. In addition to being willing to listen to offers for the No. 2 pick, we also hear they are exploring options with the No. 34 choice near the top of Round Two. The Lions have seven picks currently but would be interested in adding more.

Giants may surprise with offensive pick

Then there is this from Gil Brandt:

But one personnel expert says the Lions want to trade down from the second spot to acquire at least one extra draft pick.

"I think they'd like to trade out of there," Gil Brandt, an NFL Network analyst who was Dallas' vice president of player personnel in 1960-89, said in a recent phone interview. "They hope that somebody is looking for a quarterback and they can pick up an extra choice or two extra choices."

NFL Network analyst: Lions would like to deal No. 2 pick

But we are hearing whispers that the Lions are warming just a bit to the idea of drafting OT Russell Okung over one of the two highest-rated defensive tackles, Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy. That could make the Lions more willing to give up other compensation in a potential Haynesworth sweepstakes. Reuniting the defensive tackle with his former coordinator Jim Schwartz, now Detroit's head coach, certainly would give the Lions an inside punch they haven't had in at least a decade. Could the Lions stay out of the trade market and draft a defensive tackle at No. 2? Absolutely. But the fact that they are seriously sniffing around at other options raises the idea that they are not completely sold on either Suh or McCoy, as good as they might be.

Lions could be looking for other DT options

Also, Mike Lombardi gives us this gem:

2. The Lions are pondering between Suh and Oklahoma State offensive tackle Russell Okung. Okung can play left tackle, so moving Jeff Backus to guard would fill two needs for the Lions.

Sunday at the Post

We will know more later this week about the Rams intentions if they start negiotiating with Bradford, Suh or McCoy. While a lot of the signs point toward Bradford being the guy, you never know. The next thing that caught my eye was this little draft nugget:

Getting w/ Tennessee safety Eric Berry in about an hour. U would not believe the amount of love NFL execs & coaches have 4 this guy. 

Twitter: YahooNFLSports 

Most Mock drafts have Berry going to Cleveland at #7. If he truly is this respected you wonder if the following news about Mike Holmgren in Cleveland isn't more about Berry than a QB:

As one league insider explained in response, Holmgren's early moves aren't surprising, given that he spent 17 years as an NFL head coach.  "By its very nature coaching is an emotional profession," the source said, "and impatience is more often driven by short-term emotion. . . .  How can you ask a person whose short-term thought process is to 'win now' to have oversight of the idea to 'build for the future'?  They can't do it. . . .  They just can't help themselves."

Holmgren may have been dropping a hint regarding a possible move up

The other thing about Cleveland is they have plenty of ammunition to make some moves on Draft day. With three 3rd rounders, they might be able to swap spots with KC. Check out this Q&A with Tony Grossi from the Cleveland Plain dealer:

Q: Hey, Tony: What is the value of the three third-round picks that the Browns have? Would two third-round picks be good enough to get a second-round pick? Would a second- and two third-round picks allow the Browns to get another first-round pick? Do you think Holmgren has something already agreed to when he said that we would understand later why they got the third-round pick from Oakland?

-- Rich Smith, Columbus, Ohio

A: Hey, Rich: According to the draft value chart, the Browns' three picks in the third round equal 532 points. That's the equivalent of the fifth pick in the second round (No. 37 overall). My hunch is the Browns would be interested in moving into the middle of the second round and may offer two or more of these picks to accomplish that.

Will other former players join Joe Jurevicius' lawsuit against the Cleveland Browns? Hey, Tony!

Also, from this same conversation it seems Jared Odrick is the fastest rising player in the draft. He is the Tyson Jackson of this years draft 3-4 DE:

A: Hey, Tim: I'll defer to my source, who insists Odrick is the fastest-rising player in the first round among teams who play the 3-4 defense. He will not last beyond New England at No. 22. Some teams are angling to move up for him, but they don't have an idea as to how far they have to go. Denver would take him at No. 11. He is a serious contender for the Browns' pick at No. 7.

Will other former players join Joe Jurevicius' lawsuit against the Cleveland Browns? Hey, Tony!

Getting back to Eric Berry, the debate about taking a safety with the 5th overall seems to me to be overstated. Check out this exchange from Hawk talk on the Seattle Times:

[Comment From HawktasticHawktastic: ]  If you are the GM, do you pick Berry or Williams at 6? Or maybe someone else?
Tuesday April 6, 2010 11:56 Hawktastic
Well, up until last week, I would have said Eric Berry. I don't think that's necessarily the case anymore.
Tuesday April 6, 2010 11:56 
Two things happened: There's a growing sense the Seahawks like Trent Williams a great deal, and that includes what I've heard second-hand from people who've talked to Seahawks personnel folks.
Tuesday April 6, 2010 11:57 
The second thing was a note from Peter King this week that said John Schneider really likes (he might have even said loves) Bryan Bulaga.
'Hawk Talk: Tuesday's chat transcript

So what does this all mean for our Chiefs? Just that the draft is not as settled at the top as many might think. I don't think things will be anymore clear until the clock starts counting down on Stl. at 7:30 on April 22nd.

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