Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 4/10

Today's Kansas City Chiefs news from across the internet. We have some player visit updates, the start of The Red Zone's mock for the Chiefs, and a nice bit on a player many thought would fail last year, Mr. Tamba Hali. Multiple H/Ts to WtexKC who either lives half a world away, or just doesn't sleep.

After my usual Google search, I found little. Hali has 27 sacks in four seasons and has been the one defensive player opponents tend to plan for, but still no press.

I think he’s a great story. Hali had 18.5 sacks in his first three seasons, but it didn’t matter. What it came down to was if he could effectively switch to linebacker. The cards were stacked against him. He had to lose weight, totally change positions, and learn a new defense. Although Hali had experience playing both linebacker and defensive end at Penn State, it wasn’t going to be easy.

The concern was that Hali would be too big and too slow to be a decent linebacker. But despite all that, Hali responded with his best season yet. Last year Hali had 8.5 sacks, four forced fumbles, a safety, and a combined 62 tackles. Not bad, especially for someone that was seen as a square peg in a round hole.

Hali Remains Unappreciated from The Examiner

We’ll begin our look at the upcoming Chiefs draft pick by pick here and we’ll start with their first choice, which is fifth overall.
This choice is based on the following four players being selected before them: Sam Bradford, Ndamukong Suh, Gerald McCoy and Russell Okung. This decision may change if Okung, an offensive tackle, is still available to the Chiefs when they select.

I’m not suggesting this is necessarily what the Chiefs will do because, if nothing else, last year’s draft should have taught us that the Chiefs might well reach for a need rather than take the best player available.

First round: S Eric Berry from The Red Zone

THE RIGHT 53? – Murphy likes to compete and he especially likes to go against the better receivers and offenses. What coach wouldn’t want a guy like that? No off-field problems have reared their ugly head.

What he said – "I could’ve gone to Rutgers, West Virginia and others. Myself, I wanted to go and play in the South because they said that’s where the best players are at."

Draft Profile: Jerome Murphy from Bob Gretz

Yet while most of Clausen's passes were on the mark, the timing of his throws seemed off at times. His pass placement also was nothing out of the ordinary.

Pass catchers were intermittently extending vertically or reaching backwards to make the grab. On a number of occasions Clausen overshot his downfield targets. This is in stark contrast to the workout turned in by Sam Bradford, when receivers rarely broke stride to make the reception.

Clausen, coming off a toe injury, displayed only average footwork and quickness rolling outside the pocket then throwing on the move.The overall tempo and pace of the workout seemed to be lacking compared to the display scouts saw in Norman, Okla., on March 29.

Clausen Doesn't Wow at Pro Day from Sports Illustrated

University of Massachusetts offensive tackle-guard Vladimir Ducasse has had visits with the Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs and the Minnesota Vikings, according to a source close to the program with knowledge of the situation.

Ducasse, who played in the Senior Bowl, is an athletic 6-foot-4, 330-pound native of Haiti who grades out highly for his mobility, flexibility and strength. He also draws high marks for his character.

Source: Ducasse visited with Browns, Chiefs, 'Boys and Vike from National Football Post

Baseball, he said, has the biggest disparity between the top clubs and the bottom clubs. The New York Yankees have the highest payroll at $200 million. The Pittsburgh Pirates have a payroll of $36 million.

Attanasio caught a little grief earlier this week when Yankees president Randy Levine said Attanasio was whining about payroll differences. Attanasio said he wasn't whining; he was just stating the facts.

Attanasio told me this week that the disparity in baseball is worse than any other major sport in the country. I checked and he's right.

Here are the numbers, which admittedly are not completely exact but come from reputable sources. The payrolls come from the most recent seasons.

National Football League: New York Giants, $138.3 million. Kansas City Chiefs, $81.8 million.

National Basketball Association: Los Angeles Lakers, $91.4 million. Portland Trailblazers, $55.8 million.

National Hockey League: New York Rangers, $66 million. New York Islanders, $33.2 million.

Baseball: where payroll disparity is king from The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Northwestern defensive lineman Corey Wooton has visited the New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Jets, according to a source close to the program with knowledge of the situation.

Per our source, he has upcoming visits with the Cleveland Browns and the St. Louis Rams.

The versatile 6-foot-6, 270-pounder ran in the 4.8 range at his Pro Day workout. He could fit in well as a 3-4 defensive end and has even performed as a rush linebacker in positional drills for NFL teams.

Source: Corey Wooton has visited the Patriots, Bills, Chiefs and Jets from National Football Post

Campbell now stands as Eastern’s leading prospect.

"At this point, you never really know with this draft stuff but it looks like a pretty good look to get drafted," he said. "Free agency is always there. I’m more like 70-80 percent being drafted. I’m just putting it in the Lord’s hands"

Any EIU player should know being drafted is not a necessity with quarterback Tony Romo in 2003 using the free agent route on his way to Dallas Cowboys stardom.

Just last year defensive end Pierre Walters was undrafted but landed a roster spot as a Kansas City Chiefs linebacker.

"He’s getting more action than Pierre did last year," Bellantoni said as far as scouts’ interest and workouts. "I can’t figure out that draft thing. We thought Tony and Pierre would get drafted. I know nobody flew Pierre out to Seattle. I don’t know what you read into that."
EIU's unheralded lineman emerges as NFL prospect from Journal Gazette Times-Courier

Player Tweets

BCarr39 On my way to look at these tattoo drawings (betta be fiya too!)
almighty31 Jus touched down n Phoenix n got a hr to take off to Vegas
GlennDorsey72 debating on steppin out tonight
BCarr39 @GlennDorsey72 the old mint club?
GlennDorsey72 Ive Neva been to Mint but if yall down I'm in..RT @BCarr39: @GlennDorsey72 the old mint club?
GlennDorsey72 What should i wear tonight? im thinkin mc hammer pants and Pistol Pete throwback.....#randomthought
MrKolbySmith Happy Bday!! What time is it over? I'm in Topeka for frat RT @DJQ_KC: @MrKolbySmith watch the Say Somethin video.....
BCarr39 @GlennDorsey72 I'm down. Kolbz goin, tryna get Flo
BCarr39 Bout to get my bowl on
BCarr39 RT @krausey11: @BCarr39 u stay bowling u got lanes in the crib or something""haha I wish. Jus a bored individual
GlennDorsey72 Jammin smoking gun before I leave! #@courtneyhustle
BCarr39 Hot as hell in this club! #AC please!!!

Media and Fans

mortreport RT @gregaiello: Is Colt McCoy winningest QB in coll. football history? That's what Gil says. >> Broke David Greene's record? U remember him?

WhitlockJason Walking 18 holes with Tiger Woods took a little more than 5 hours. Hurt far more than 2 or 3 hours of cardio (treadmill/bike/eliptical)

Adam_Schefter RT @RammsteinSkins Any official word of when schedule will be announced? ... No official word, but it'd be an upset if it weren't next week.

JoshLooney Quickly becoming a fan favorite #rickankiel

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