If you want the draft here like yesterday, as bad as I do, then...

First off in all seriousness, please don't anyone rec this post. I don't want recs. Please. I just wanted to talk to everyone for a second. Because no one else in Florida will talk Chiefs with me right now. So your stuck with me for a moment. And no, I'm not saying it's good enough that you would anyway. Just not interested in them. It would take away from what I want to say.

I wanted to say thanks for all the fun posts lately. It's been a pleasant change from the tense discussions about the draft. You go back and read the tone of some of the draft posts and, wow, we are stressed out. We all know why though.

It sucks waiting for the draft. It does. I hate this period right now. Everyday is torture when I see how many days until the draft. It's still two digits away. GRRRR!! I just wanted to ask if anyone else is aching for this draft to get here? You know what I think? I think we can't lose in this one.

I don't know any of these kids coming out of college from first hand experience, but, I have learned a lot about them from AP. I feel like I kind of have a decent grasp on who some of the potential Chiefs to be are. That's cool. I'm still not going to discuss anything else mock draft. I hate them now. Enough is enough.

That said, I want to share my thought about the draft.

In my humble opinion; this draft is the game changer. It's history. Our history. Not the history of our parents generation that we have to watch on TV to experience it. Ours. Now. The history we will one day tell our children about, and that they will have to watch on TV to experience. There is no way we can botch this up. There is nothing but talent in all rounds. All rounds. There's even guys that may not get drafted this year that have huge potential. That's what everyone including Mayock says. I wouldn't know if it wasn't for that. Like I said, I don't know these guys, so I wouldn't have an opinion otherwise. Simply put, I don't know enough to have an opinion of my own.

But if what their saying is true, then think about this. We could feasibly rebuild this entire team by the time the season starts. It's not unlikely, it's probable. You have to know that Pioli is licking his chops to show what he's got. He's under the spotlight BIG time. Rookie GM. Most sought after guy. Comes from NE. What?? Please. He already showed us a little of what he has up his sleeve by getting Crennel and Weis. Tell me that wasn't a strong move? Whoo. I hope everyone appreciates how big time that ONE decision is for us. For all of us.

Of all the things that could have not happened; that's not one of them. We don't even think about the coaching situation anymore when discussing our concerns for our team. Our weaknesses. We still stress over Cassel, DJ, Dorsey. The conversations keep coming up again and again over those guys. We're concerned. No matter if you support those guys as our future or not. We are all concerned about it. They do have to put up or shut up this year. I mean this is it. Done. You don't get to year four as a starter, in fact you probably don't get to year four at all as a Chief, if you don't step up this year. So we worry and hope that certain players will step up and take this thing seriously. But we don't worry about the coaching staff anymore do we? DONE! Thank you for that Pioli. One less hole to fill. Nice job.

One draft could change everything. We have a TON of picks. Teams will still be releasing very talented guys as the beginning of the season approaches and beyond. Just like Chambers. Pioli gets a guy if he really wants him. So you know we are getting whoever they want this year in the draft. It's on. They will do what they have to do to get THE guy their looking for in this draft. A guy that will allow T-Jack and Dorsey and Hali to do their jobs with a lot more ease. INSTANT upgrade. I know it. That GUY to take our offense to the next level. That guy. Only in this draft, it won't just be one guy. It'll be guys. There's no way we can miss on this.

The Jones pickup is just a sign of things to come. This team is GOING to be stacked deep with talent at all of the most pertinant positions.

Who cares who we get at 5. We need WHOEVER it is. Trust me. It won't be a punter. OK? It'll be someone that is going to make a major impact for us. It's the 5Th pick for God sake's. If it's Claussen or Bradford or Okung or Berry or McClain guess what? I am going to have chills either way. WE WIN!! You with me here? We are going to witness the birth of our future dynasty within 22 days from now. Together. We will all be GLUED to the TV. AP will light up with comments and fans yelling with excitement. You'll see more caps used than you have ever seen in your life. It's going to be fantastic. Let's enjoy it. Don't stress yourself by getting all hung up on YOUR guy. Because your not drafting this year. Pioli is. He's got this. He's bad ass at this. This is what he does. That's it. That's all he does. Supreme draft picks. We have nothing to worry about. This is going to be as much fun as a playoff game. You with me??

I have chills all over thinking about the seconds before they announce the number 5 pick on TV. When he finally takes the mic and says "With the fifth overall pick the Kansas City Chiefs...(OUR Kansas City Chiefs) pick....

My heart races thinking about it. It's going to be so awesome no matter who it is. You will love it trust me. I have to choke back tears when I envision the season, then the week, then the game, then the moment when the light goes on for all of us. Yeah that moment. The one where we all suddenly get it. When we realize Pioli is going to do for us what no one else has been able to accomplish yet.

The moment that NE felt when their haphazard organization figured it out and they all realized something special was happening in front of their eyes. See until now, we've only known that feeling about individual players. We knew Priest was special. We know Jamaal is too. But there is always a moment. That one last play in a sequence of plays where you go "this kid is for real, this is NOT a fluke. This guy is amazing". Once again, like we all did with Charles last season.

But we are going to finally have our moment when the light will go on and we will KNOW that our time has arrived. I think it's sooner than later. Don't you? Not this year. No. But soon.

Oh well. Until then. Well, until then it sucks I guess. So let's keep talking and supporting our Chiefs.  Tks AP!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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