The Holy Temple of Arrowhead Pride (Humor and Props)

My fellow congregationsist, brothers and sisters all.  As with any holy place, Arrowhead Pride is a place of familiar faces and an outpouring of deeds, all dedicated to the most holy of all, our beloved Kansas City Chiefs.  Ours is but one of many places of worship, news and information, along with opinion, breeze-shooting, conclusion jumping and at times some downright nonsense, both of the good and not so good varieties. 


And so, I take it upon myself this day to welcome all of you, young and old, newbies and grizzled veteran posters, outspoken or shy, those who believe our Chiefs will rise again (Hallelujah!) and those who need more, those who still need one last miracle of rebirth (Amen!) before full belief is restored.  Enter now, heads held high and know that Pioli the Almighty is behind you every step of the way, and let us now pass by our Holiest of Holy Shrines, Arrowhead Stadium, and jump right into the magical, marvelous, wondrous heierarchy of those who make Arrowhead Pride what it is today. I am but a mere mortal, toiling in secret in places kept locked and far removed from the public eye, but those listed below ... and others like them ... are the holiest of all.



via Arrowhead Stadium - the holiest of holy places, our mecca, our eternal shrine, the finest tailgating in the known universe


via Joel Thorman - keeper of the gate, poster of the news, holiest of all who engage herein, brother of Chris and the one to whom all fealty, tithings and monthly dues go, only OCCASIONALLY fooled by April Fool's Day pranks


via NJ Chiefs Fan - keeper and protector of Arrowheadlines, our morning annointment of news, weather and football related tweets


via Bewsaf - wondrous maker of charts and keeper of graphs, master of satire and proper post-making etiqutte


via stagdsp - holy protector of draft mockery


via KCPorkchop - keeper of the Koolaid and mixer of all Holy Berry Waters


via KaloPhoenix - head of football educational department, master of all knowledge and secret advisor to His Holiness Todd the Haley


via Steve_Chiefs - enlightened friend to all, keepeer of the sanity, stablemate of Warpaint the Holy and refiller of oatbags, all hail Steven the Kind and Generous



Texas Chief - provider of word counts and keeper of paragraphs, logic and verbiosity


via krayfish - court jester and provider of humor, keeper of the Holy Flaming It Will Get Better and Brother To All (who allow him out of the Holy Closet)


via hmills110 - giver of logic and reason, sounding board and deep thought specialist, profound in his wisdom and charitable to all


via Buck'O - thoughtful, thought-provoking, wise and wondrous, a true friend among friends and a dog among dogs, all hail Buck'O the Friendly


via BigRedChief - the sacred skull of the Bryant Branch of the congregation, protector of pithiness, servant of smartaleckness, master of mirth and genuine great guy, all hail BigRedChief (and pity the fool who thinks we're gonna get Bryant, love him, do not hate him, he is our brother)


via Red N Gold Beast - master of the obvious, wise and understanding, supportive and in need of remedy for drinking far too much of the Holy Berry Koolaid (repent!) but love him, for he is our brother

There are more, of course, who assemble here: Larrymcdaniel, UCrawford, sexassassin, skunk, IdahoChief, jakethesnake, Lanier63, Pollard, ChiefDJ and more, so many more of the faithful who come to pay homage, to pray, to vent their anger, to seek enlightenment, find friendships both fleeting and lasting. And as we enter the holy shrine and await our most holy Draft Day, as we await the Miracle that will bring us Berry and Cody and Spoon and McClain and Bryant and Thomas and Pouncey and Walton and Tate and Okung and Troup and Angerer and Micah and Hughes and Suh, if possible (yes, it WOULD take a miracle, but stranger things have happened) while stocking up on the holy sacrements of pizza, chips and beer, let us all now join together as one ... one congregation, one voice, one harmonious song of joy and say. stand up and shout it Brothers and Sisters, shout it loud and proud ...

Geaux Chiefs!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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