Your "Step Away From the Ledge" FA Blues Glass of Kool Aid



I was going to wait until the end of the FA signing period to offer up some FA Kool Aid, but it seems AP may be in need of a batch sooner then that.  Okay, some of you are so upset by the lack of signings by our beloved Chiefs that you've lost it.  You're not ready for the Kool Aid yet.  You're too hysterical.  So before we can proceed we need to get you under control.  So after the jump we'll get you to "simmer down" and then explain why you can still be optimistic about our team next season.


To those of you freaking out all I have to say is "Calm down, get a hold of yourself!"


Airplane! Slap (via PaddyBRocks)

 Okay, so now that we've got you back under control lets talk some FA Kool Aid.

First, everyone seems to want the Chiefs to go out and make a big splash in Free Agency.  Thus far, the Chicago Bears are the team that has gone out and done the most.  Let's look at this team some of you are envying.  Why are they spending money like crazy this off season?  They have to after betting the farm on Jay Cutler and Gaines Adams last year.  They traded away their future and the results last year were not good.  So what do they do, they bring in Mike Martz to fix the offense.  Anyone else see the Cutler-Martz pairing as a recipe for disaster?  Not to mention that Cutler's only reliable weapon last year was Olsen and Martz hasn't used TEs much in the passing game to date.  So far I'm not jealous.  Now let's look at these FA signings everyone is going gaga over.  30 year old Julius Peppers signed with them for 91.5 million dollars.  That number alone is redonkulous.  However, when you consider that $42 million of that is guaranteed (the most ever guaranteed in the history of the NFL) it's even worse.  This is a player that a couple years back before he started playing for a new contract had a whopping 2.5 sacks.  Even last year he ran hot and cold.  Six of his 10.5 sacks came in a 4 game stretch early in the year.  The other 12 games he only had 4.5 sacks.  So they gave a guy with questions about his effort at times the most guaranteed money ever, and some of you are upset we didn't offer more?!?!  Sorry, we offer you the AP readers a big glass of "Thank God we didn't offer Peppers that much" Kool Aid.

Chester Taylor would of made a nice back up to Charles, but 12.5 million with 7 million guaranteed for a 30 year old RB who has only gone over 1,000 yards once seems a little steep when the RB class in this year's draft is looking deep.  We offer up "Thomas Jones or a mid-round draft pick would be a better investment" Kool Aid.

When the Cardinals released Antrel Rolle I too thought he might be a nice addition.  He made a pretty good transition to safety and that's definitely a need for us.  That having been said, Rolle became the highest paid safety in the history of the NFL yesterday.  I understand that he's still pretty young and has great physical tools, but even if you take away his injury shortened first year he still has only averaged 67.5 tackles, 2.75 INTs, 0.375 sacks, 0.75 FF, and 8.5 pass def. per season.  Does that sound like someone that should be the highest paid safety ever?  We offer up "Rolle is a solid safety but the Giants overpaid" Kool Aid.

Okay, how about A. Boldin.  You can check my recent posts and find me making arguments as to why we should get the guy.  I was in favor of using our 3rd rounder on him.  However, a 3rd and 4th is too high a price for us.  If we were a WR away from the Super Bowl then do it, but we're not.  We're rebuilding and this is a deep draft.  I think Boldin will do well in Baltimore, but I applaud Pioli for not getting caught up in a bidding war and over paying for one player when we have so many holes to fill.  We are offering "Boldin would of been nice, but we need our draft picks" Kool Aid on this one.

Dunta Robinson was considered the best CB on the market.  He signed a $57 million contract with 25.5 million guaranteed.  Since his rookie year he's hasn't had more then 2 INTs or 12 pass deflections in a season (last year Flowers had 5 INT and 23 pass def.).  We offer you "This guy was on Sports Center more last year for writing "pay me" messages on his shoes then he was for making plays" Kool AId.

In other CB news the Chargers traded Antonio Cromartie to the Jets.  It's bad enough that Cromartie is trying to break Travis Henry's NFL record for most "baby's mommas" but the guy has some on the field issues too.  We offer "this" as our anti-Cromartie Kool Aid.

I could keep going, but you get the idea.  These teams are breaking the bank and mortgaging their future for guys that just aren't worth the price tag.  These teams are paying for the big names and hoping it results in ticket sales.  Let's be smarter fans then that.  Now let's get to the pro-Chiefs Kool Aid that some of you are so thirsty for.

We offer you "Scott Pioli has proved he will never stop looking for players that will make our team better" Kool Aid.  Think back to last season.  Pioli churned our roster like a batch of home made ice cream.  So now you think he's decided to just sit back and do nothing?  As the Sunday morning ESPN crew would say "COME ON MAN".  Pioli is sticking to his plan.  Find guys that will do the job the Chiefs want them to do the way they want them to do it.  We'll sign guys.  We'll bring in FA that will improve this team.  I promise.  Take a deep breath and be patient.

We offer you "Weis and Crennel were bigger FA pick ups then any of the big name FA that have signed so far" Kool Aid.  We have a lot of young developing talent on this roster already.  These two will improve entire units, not just one roster spot.

We offer you "Even with no major FA signings we'll still be better next year" KoolAid.  Like I have already said the signings will come, maybe not big names, but we will sign some guys that will help us.  However, even if we didn't.  We were already improving with the players we had last year.  The offense was getting better thanks to JC.  The o-line made huge strides.  Last year we were adjusting to firing the OC right before the start of the season.  This year we have all off season for our new coordinators to get their systems up and running.  Last year we were 3-5 in the second half.  So even if we just pick up where we left off last year that would put us at 6-10.  If Weis and Crennel improve us at all, if we have any draft picks that make an impact, if we sign any FA that make our team better then an 8-8 season should be well within our grasp.  That would be a huge step for a team with three straight seasons with 4 or less wins.  So keep the faith AP.  Remember, the new Chiefs hate yo-yo players.  So don't be a yo-yo fan.  Otherwise I'll have to have the nun slap you around again.



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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