Guys Already Rowing the Boat

I don't usually post, but everything I have been reading on AP lately seems to be running together. The "draft a left tackle" debate or "only Berry" posts have become a little tired for me, and quite frankly, more than a little boring. But, with it being only three weeks away, the NFL draft remains the biggest bit of Chief's news on the horizon and takes up a good deal of my waking hours. What follows is where I think most of us who are only fans miss the boat.  We don't talk about it so we don't see parts of the big picture.

In all the discussion, especially when it comes to Round 1, pick number 5, what appears to be missing is some players already wearing Red and Gold. Believe it or not, this is not a true mock draft post. Rather, it is to initiate thought on some intriguing prospects logging two years or less with the Chiefs, where they might fit in and contribute, and in the end, if any might have an effect on Kansas City's draft. I am respectfully requesting that posters refrain from their kool-aid of choice and evaluate these players. I have  no firm opinion on most of them and ask the community to offer insight into their future contributions in Kansas City, generally speaking. As I think  the most interesting players are on defense, that is where the majority of my focus will be, specifically in regard to certain positions of need including ILB, OLB, nickel CB, S, and, just for you offensive guys, TE. Given all the discussion that has already taken place concerning LT, let's agree to forgo that position in this discussion. The questions on the players are really rhetorical, but feel free to weigh in with your opinion on any or all of the players. The real question for me is, will the development of any of these players affect who KC drafts at #5 or at any other draft position? As an example only, I would say that Joe Haden is not a probable choice at #5 because of the strength of the CB group as a whole.

Let's begin with ILB. On board and most interesting to me is Jovan Belcher. He saw more and more playing time as the season progressed. I remember him as having excellent lateral movement and as well as being a very sure tackler. He is, however, only 6'2" and 228 pounds. Can he fill the need? (For those of you asking about Corey Mays, remember this is about younger players that are still developing)

At OLB, there is Andy Studebaker and Pierre Walters. Studebaker played well filling in for Vrabel. Walters time was very limited playing with the defense but he logged significant time on special teams. Walters also seems to have some pass rush skills. Studebaker is obviously the more prominent prospect. Will either cut the mustard?

CB is the most interesting group on the team, in my opinion. Flowers and Carr seem to be solid as starters. However, I've heard it mentioned that Flowers could be a HOF nickel. In the mix are Jackie Bates, Maurice Leggett, and Donald Washington. What I saw from Washington last season turned my stomach at times. Still, there is no denying his athletic ability. He was advised not to forgo his senior season to aid his transition into the NFL and he obviously needed the experience. Jackie Bates had a few quality moments last year in limited playing time. In my opinion, Maurice Leggett had and excellent rookie year but fell off when Haley took the reins. Is there anybody in this group that steps up to take the nickel this year? Might we see different starters with one of last year's starters as the nickel?

S is by far the thinnest group. DaJuan Morgan is a third round pick from the 2008 draft. Reshard Langford was an UDFA picked up from Philly late in the season. Can either develop into a solid safety and who has the better chance?

Two tight ends are deserving of consideration here, Brad Cottam and . Could either of these grab the starting job and keep it?

Here's where the fun begins. I personally think there may be a couple of guys here that might actually influence where certain positions of need are filled in the draft. I won't make a case for any though, that's what I am asking all of you to do. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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