Offensive Line Statistical Abstract


Here are two tables I have made comparing our 2009 offensive line vs our 2010 offensive line. Some things to note before I go on here. I'm assuming Lijla will play RG and Weigman will be starting C in 2010. For 2009, RG is a composite statistic that includes both Goff and Smith. The stats are sums of both, since they both did not play at the same time. The rating is an average between the two. Speaking of ratings, I guess I should explain how I got them. The ratings are from Pro Football Focus, who review every play for every player for the season and give each player a subjective rating based mostly on objective statistical data. A Score of 0 means that player is the mean performer at his position.


Position LT LG C RG RT Total Avg
Name Albert Waters Niswanger Goff/Smith O'cal

Rating -17 -3.6 -13.3 -4.35 -20.2 -58.45 -11.69
Hurry 16 7 14 21 24 82 16.4
Hit 9 1 1 3 6 20 4
Sack 7 0 1 5 8 21 4.2
HHS Total 32 8 16 29 38 123 24.6


Position LT LG C RG RT Total Avg
Name Albert Waters Weigman Liljla O'cal

Rating -17 -3.6 -5.5 7.1 -20.2 -39.2 -7.84
Hurry 16 7 14 15 24 76 15.2
Hit 9 1 1 8 6 25 5
Sack 7 0 1 1 8 17 3.4
HHS Total 32 8 16 24 38 118 23.6



This Chart compares the 2009 and 2010 line rosters based on 2009 stats. If a graph is a bit too fuzzy, click on it and it will expand


It would appear here that our recent additions are an improvement, but only marginally. The real problem here is our tackles. We all like Branden Albert but he hasn't really made it as a LT yet, even with an all star G next to him.This will be a make or break year for him. On the other side, I was very surprised with how bad O'Callaghan's numbers are. His numbers suggest that he's getting beat at the line(high hurry count) but generally controls his defeat so as to prevent the DE from getting to the QB(low hits). He gets beaten too much though, and has thus allowed the most sacks. Ike Ndukwe had good numbers with MIA at RT, so hopefully he's allowed to challenge for the job.


Agian, Lilja and Weigman seem numerically to be marginal improvements. I will, however, note that Lilja is a massive improvement over Goff. This composite number I'm using somewhat masks how devastatingly bad he did, and how solid Wade Smith did as a fill in. Smith only allowed one sack in 7 games, whereas Goff gave up 4 in 8 games. Lijla is at very least stability at RG(presuming we start him there) and is probably a good deal better. He only allowed one sack in 16 games. Weigman's number are almost identical to Niswanger's, which I wouldn not  have expected. Rudy is still pretty young whereas Weigman is only getting older. We'll see if he can hold off the ghost of Mike Goff.

This chart compares '09 and '10 lines in the pass and the run, using PFF grades


Here's where we see where our upgrades are realized: the run game. Niswanger was getting dumped in Charles' lap, while Weigman held his own and some. Lilja is a tick above average as a run blocker and is quite an improvement there. Again, the Tackles are stinking it up. Charles-Jones et. all will have a much friendlier environment up the gut.



Lilja is likely to have been a very good grab.

Weigman will probably have to fight for the starting spot and may rotate liberally even if he wins. Coming in on run 3rd and short could be an option, though Center swapping is generally avoided so as to maintain C to QB snap cohesion.

We may well draft a C. If so Weigman could fail to make the team

This is Albert's year to show he can be an NFL LT. If not, then we're in the T market next draft.

The line upgrades combined with out backfield upgrades point to a run heavy team and less pressure on the QB

We've gone from a bad offensive line, to an offensive line a tick below average, with the possibility of being a tick above average if the tackles step up and the zone blocking scheme really gels.

It will be interesting to see the progression of the ZBS given that Wiegman and Lilja come from Zone teams.

Hopefully someone reads this as I spent entirely too much time on it. :\

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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