If the Chiefs MUST draft an offensive tackle

I apologize right now for having a third consecutive post pertaining to the offensive line, but I think this one is much different.  I also want to apologize in advance to Bewsaf for posting something fairly similar to what he did recently.  I’ve been kicking this thought around for a few days now and thought that it actually would go well with his recent post of “Critics Say You Don’t Move Offensive Linemen In The NFL.“  Instead of researching numbers like I usually do, this post actually has video evidence to support my comments for each of the top offensive tackle prospects.  All I’m saying is that IF Kansas City feels they MUST draft an offensive tackle 5th overall, here are the obvious candidates and I hope they see the same things I do and am trying to show all of you.

Trent Williams- Oklahoma
Strengths: exceptional strength, great drive blocker in the running game, forms a good pocket for the QB to throw from (notice how his man is consistently five yards away from the QB), picks up stunts well (the Miami film shows that), versatile with experience at left tackle, right tackle and center
Weaknesses: if I had to pick something, I’d say picking up zone blitzes (BYU film)
My take: He already has good technique.  Recognizing blitzes and assignments could easily be coached up.  Veterans like Albert, Waters, Weigmann and Lilja could easily coach him up on the field.  At the :50 mark in the video, Bradford gets injured due to Williams being forced to choose between picking up two delayed blitzers.  You can see Williams get in position to block the outside man, but then switches to the inside man after the guard doesn’t pick him up (which is what he is taught to do- when forced to decide, you always take the nearest rusher).  I’m not so sure he made a mistake on that play.  It may very well have been the guard’s fault but we’ll never know.  It was probably just the right defensive call at the right time and the final result (Branford’s injury) was bad luck.

Charles Brown- Southern California
Strengths: good feet, also forms a good pocket for the QB to throw from, does a very good job of pulling on tosses/sweeps, often blocks to the second level
Weaknesses: not as strong as most tackles
My take: I like him a lot and I think his upside is much better than Okung or Bulaga.  Even though he’s a tackle and Will Shields was a guard, he reminds me of him with his ability to pull so quickly.

Russell Okung- Oklahoma State
Strengths: long arms, good lateral movement
Weaknesses: often gets driven back by pass rushers, lets his man get too close to the QB because he gets driven back so much, whiffs a lot when trying to block downfield in the running game
My take: He’s good, but not Pro Bowl good and I don’t think he has much upside.  I think Brendan Albert is more talented than him while possessing more upside too.

Bryan Bulaga- Iowa
Strengths: great run blocker, drives through his man and doesn’t let up before the whistle
Weaknesses: doesn’t form a pocket for the QB to throw from, his man was consistently within an arm’s reach of the QB, gets beat by speed rushers (Michigan film vs. Brandon Graham)
My take: He’s another guy who I feel has little upside.  I’m just not that excited about him in the top 15.  He came very close to giving up 2-3 sacks per game last year.  Those “almost sacks” will become “real sacks” in the NFL.

Anthony Davis- Rutgers
Strengths: possibly the best run blocker in this year’s draft
Weaknesses: possibly the worst pass blocker among the top tackle prospects
My take: I’m not a fan of his.  His footwork seems too slow to play left tackle.  If he somehow fell to round two, I’d be happy with making him a right tackle or moving him inside to guard (he played guard early in college), but nothing more than that.

Bruce Campbell-Maryland
Strengths: exceptional athleticism and unlimited potential
Weaknesses: inconsistency
Video: sorry, couldn’t find anything worth posting…just 2008 tape and a highlight only video
My take: He could be either the next Tony Boselli or the next Tony Mandarich.  Very risky, but I guess that’s what all top draft picks are.  Other than freakish athleticism, I don’t know enough of him to know whether to be happy or upset if KC were to pick him.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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