With The 9th Pick In The 2010 Arrowhead Pride Mock Draft, The Buffalo Bills Select...

Another unique entry. This time from ArrowDread....

Come gather round for a story I will tell

About a team from Buffalo that plays in the NFL 

When looking at the Bills, its easy to see

They're not much different than our hometown Chiefs 

We in KC think we know playoff pain

But in Buffalo, its far from the same 

We curse Elliot while they curse Norwood

With the game on the line, neither was any good 


via bensbreakfastblog.files.wordpress.com

Four Super Bowls and no ring to show?!

That's enough to make any fan emo 


via questionabletopic.files.wordpress.com

They got a new coach, who we all know well

Can he turn around Buffalo? 

Only time will tell 


via media.al.com

He took chicken shit and made chicken salad

Turned the Tyler Thigpen story into a love ballad 


via www.kcchiefsfootball.com

But when KC hired new head coach Todd Haley

We all bid farewell to our old friend Chan Gailey 

They got a money punter, Moorman is his name

Last year at Arrowhead, he brought his A game 


via farm4.static.flickr.com

Kicked an 81 yarder, if my memory serves me right

Colquitt got scared, didn't put up much a fight 

Got Marshwan Lynch as their running back

But watch out cause he might just pinch your sac 2232160985_50a04fdcf6_medium

via farm3.static.flickr.com

Gold teeth and all in his gangsta ass grill

Better known at Cal for driving a golf cart on the field 

So a punter, an RB, and what else they got?

In a tough AFC East, not much of a shot 

Many in Buffalo want QB Jimmy Clausen

But I disagree; don't think he's that awesome 


via curveballsforjesus.files.wordpress.com

First round QB is not the way to go

Second round pick...Mr. Tim Tebow??? 

I'm one to believe if you got the money O-line

No matter who is at QB, things will be just fine 

So with the ninth pick in the NFL Draft

Buffalo selects a big man who excells at his craft 

The Bills pick up the Tackle from Rutgers

Who is nothing like most Jersey shore fuckers 


via static.pyzam.com

Left side, right side, he's got the flexibility

Very few scouts question his ability. 

The problem comes from his attitude

But that just gives him another thing to prove 

Many may think that O-line is boring

But no one complains when its touchdowns you're scoring 

A big tackle of his skill and sizes

Buffalo's first step towards the ultimate prize 


via scarletknights.com

Im ArrowDread, and I bid you good-bye

Now pass the kouchie 'pon the left hand side 


via www.negrilstories.ca

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