Building through the Draft?

When free agency comes up, and good players become available, the debate turns to whether or not a player should be signed because teams ought to "build through the draft." Now, I agree with building through the draft, but less so probably than do most. I'm more attracted to young but proven talent than I am the casino that is the draft. Even still, draft day is like christmas morning for football wonks. Over the last few years, namely under Herm Edwards, we Chiefs fans knew that draft day was going to be our main grab due to the 'get young' campaign. Herm/Peterson and Haley/Pioli have build through the draft, especially the defese.

I am willing to bet, quite confidently, that we come out of the 2010 draft with a new starting ILB and NT. I'd be shocked frankly if those  are not the positions we take in the first two rounds. Having said that, Here is a projection of what our defense will look like this year


Carr                Page            Morgan*                Flowers


Hali                Johnson         '10 Draftee            Vrabel


     Dorsey                 '10 Draftee               Jackson


*Penciled in as starter for now.


That is a defense built nearly entired through the draft. If the draft goes anything like I'm expecting for us, and I think my expectation is very conservative/realistic, only Vrabel will be a non-drafted Chief. I think all of us like those guys for the most part. The issue I'd say is that if asked if a Cheifs D player is any good, we would say he's good......but

Tamba Hali is good but is he really a linebacker?

Dorsey is good but maybe he's not a 3-4 guy

DJ is good but can he play consistantly?

Carr is good but he's got to get his head around


You can fill in from there.


As much as we like our current crop(for the most part) the buts are showing. The numbers show a squad that is just not getting it done. Maybe we have most of the pieces in place. A good ILB, NT, and S may be the ticket to a defense that holds its own. Now I come to my point.

If this is another defense heavy draft, and we come away with the aformentioned pices, this is going to be a very pivitol year for the defense. We should have a very good idea after season's end if this youth experiment has worked. This isn't to say that our draft picks will come in here and immediately and dominante, that is unrealistic. but if they're the guys we should see some potiential on display and a general uptick in the productivity of the defense if the talent level is tangibly improved and our other young players develop.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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