My player rankings based on Film, Combine, and Stats.


Player rankings by position based on Film, Combine, and Stats.


Offensive Tackles available to KC Chiefs:

1.       Russell Okung: 6’5 310lbs, 36 arms, 38 Bench.

2.       Trent Williams: 6’5 315lbs, 34 ¼ arms, 23 Bench.

3.       Bruce Campbell: 6’6 315lbs, 36 arms, 34 Bench.

4.       Bryan Bulaga: 6’5 310lbs, 34 ¼ arms, 26 Bench.

5.       Jason Fox: 6’7 315lbs, 34 ½ arms, n/a Bench.

Offensive Guards/Centers available to KC Chiefs:

1.       Mike Iupti: 6’5 330lbs, 34 ¾ arms, 27 Bench.

2.       Maurkice Pouncey: 6’4 310lbs, 32 ½ arms, n/a Bench.

3.       Vladimir Ducasse: 6’4 330lbs, 34 ¾ arms, 29 Bench.

4.       JD Walton: 6’3 300lbs, 33 ¼ arms, n/a Bench.

5.       Mitch Petrus: 6’3 310lbs, 33 ¾ arms, 45 Bench.

Middle/Outside Linebackers available to KC Chiefs:

1.       Jerry Hughes: 142 Tackles, 28 Sacks, (3 years)

2.       Sean Lee: 324 Tackles, 10 Sacks, (4 years)

3.       Sergio Kindle: 148 Tackles, 16 Sacks, (4 years)

4.       Brandon Spikes: 285 Tackles, 6 Sacks, (4 years)

5.       Navorro Bowman: 214 Tackles, 8 Sacks, (3 years )

Safety’s available to KC chiefs:

1.       Eric Berry: 241 Tackles, 14int., (3 years)

2.       Nate Allen: 216 Tackles, 10int., (3 years)

3.       Darrell Stuckey: 294 Tackles, 8int., (4 years)

4.       Taylor Mays: 268 Tackles, 5 int., (4 years)

5.       Reshad Jones: 194 Tackles. 11 int., (3 years)

Tight Ends available to KC Chiefs:

1.       Dorin Dickerson: 6’4 226lbs, 4.4 40, 43.5 Vertical.

2.       Jermaine Gresham: 6’5 260lbs, n/a 40, 35 Vertical.

3.       Aaron Hernandez: 6’2 245lbs, n/a 40, n/a Vertical.

4.       Rob Gronkowski: 6’6 265lbs, n/a 40, n/a Vertical.

5.       Jimmy Graham: 6’6 260lbs, 4.55 40, 38.5 Vertical.

Wide Recievers available to KC Chiefs:

1.       Brandon Lafell: 6’3 215lbs, 2517 yards, 25 TD.

2.       Arrnelious Benn: 6’2 220lbs, 2221 yards, 7 TD.

3.       Marty Gilyard: 6’1 190lbs, 3000 yards, 25 TD.

4.       Jordan Shipley: 6’0 190lbs, 3191 yards, 33 TD.

5.       Demaryius Thomas: 6’3 230lbs, 2339 yards, 14 TD.


Based on my scouting and the information above I will create my ideal 2010 Kansas City mock draft.

1. It will be safer for the Redskins to take Russell Okung and pick up a QB like Pike or McCoy in the 2nd round. So with that siad the Chiefs select Trent Williams from Oklahoma. I would rather trade down and pick up another 2nd.  Alot of people will argue that Bryan Bulaga will go here but Bryan is weak and his footwork is not consistent.  Eric Berry is amazing player but he is not worth more then Reed or Polamalu and niether one of these guys got drafted that high for that reason alone Eric will fall in the draft.

2. Jerry Hughes OLB TCU this guy flat out sacks QB's and thats what we need on our right side.

2b. Terrance Cody NT Alabama This guy is fat but so was alot of Chiefs at the beginning of last year and Todd Haley changed that real quick we need a big NT like Terrance to plug holes. 

3.  Dorin Dickerson TE Pittsburgh I would make this man a WR at 6'4 225lbs he runs a 4.4 40 and his vertical is amazing there isn't a CB out there that can get that high and keep up with that kind of speed at the same time. Dorin's route running needs improvement and his blocking as well but he is a beast for that position.

                                 A TEAM Defense

LOLB Hali MLB Johnson MLB Williams ROLB  Hughes

               DT Dorsey NT Cody DE Jackson

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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