What do the Chiefs Linebackers lack?


 I found an excellent write up on Mike Nolans 3-4 Defense and what we might need as opposed to what we want.


link to the post

1. 3-4 WOLB – This job requires you to rush the passer about 70 percent of downs.
2. 3-4 WILB – A banger that can plug the run and rush the passer from ILB 1 out of 3 downs.
3. 3-4 SILB – A smart, athletic player that can rush 1 out of 4 downs from ILB and collect tackles.
4. 3-4 SOLB – Needs to be good in coverage and on the TE, only rushes 50 percent.
5. 2-4 WOLB – Optional to be a hand-on-ground guy, is the primary pressure guy on pass downs.
6. 2-4 WILB – Must be very smart, and good in coverage, backing up and keeping things in front.
7. 2-4 SILB – Must be athletic enough to run with players in coverage.
8. 2-4 SOLB – Must be a dynamic pass rusher and be able to do damage from an up position.

Chiefs Linebacking Corps

David Herron  ILB 6-1 239 25 3  Michigan State
Jovan Belcher  ILB 6-2 228 22 2  Maine
Corey Mays  ILB 6-1 245 26 5  Notre Dame
Demorrio Williams  ILB 6-1 232 29 7  Nebraska
Derrick Johnson  ILB 6-3 242 27 6  Texas 
Tamba Hali  OLB 6-3 275 26 5  Penn State
Andy Studebaker  OLB 6-3 248 24 3  Wheaton
Mike Vrabel  OLB 6-4 261 34 14  Ohio State
Pierre Walters  OLB 6-5 269 23 2  Eastern Illinois

Now who fits where?

  I think that we are in good shape for the 3-4 WOLB and 2-4 WOLB with Hali. The Man has grown into the spot and my favorite picture that I can't find is a picture of Tamba on the Bench, Bearded, catching his breath to come back in and get that ever elusive Sack. Strip ala Derrick Thomas.


   I guess we can argue about both the 3-4 WILB and SILB positions. My opinion is that neither starter fits that description. Both seem to play behind the Line of Scrimmage and do not consistently produce the desired results. The opposing offense opens a hole in the front three and the ILB's cannot seal it back up. That is not a safeties job but the ILB's, front line, main responsibility, numero uno.

  Numbers 6, and 7. Derrick Johnson seems to be able to do. whether SILB or WILB he can cover.  Now the taking care of his assignment is a major issue but he can cover RB's and TE's if needed.

  Let's talk about #8. Studebaker could be a great 2-4  ILB for the 6 or 7 spot. But as an everydown 3-4 SOLB can he can he be stout enough to stop the Rush and also a difference maker on the more than occasional QB rush.

Seems to me we have a couple of different needs at the Line Backer spot and a Couple of deficiencies.  The Chiefs need some depth at Linebacker due to Special team duties. I think Hoffman would be pissed if we lost some of those guys to upgrading the LB corp, but it is what it is. The Linebacker spot seems to be moving to a commitee type spot but it would definitely help the Chiefs to have more than one player be able to stay on the field everydown.


Geaux Chiefs

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